Consumer goods manager

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Author: ubo1
Last revision: 30 Oct at 16:07 2018 UTC


This mod adds GUI system that can control consumer goods

I think HOI4’s consumer goods system is too static and dull. but I like the improve workers condition decision that increase stability by using consumer goods. so I make this mod.

What does this mod add ?

Add Consumer goods manager which allow player to increase/decrease consumer goods up to 50%, at the cost of weekly stability change.
You can access Consumer goods manager from stability icon on the top bar.

Stability decline 0.4% weekly, if you reduce consumer goods 5%
Stability increases 0.2% weekly, if you increase consumer goods 5%

Currently, AI will not use this.


Only english. But triggers/effects tooltips are automatically translated with localisation or localisation mods.


This mod will change consumer goods after all other consumer goods factor is apllied. so any mods does not change top bar stability icon position or construction tab interface is compatible. you can apply this mod to save datas too.

major built in compatible mods

  • Road to 56
  • Fuhrerreich
  • Cold war Iron curtain
  • End of the new begining
  • Modern Day 4
  • Old world blues

compatible patch

Future plan

First, thank you for your all comments about improving this MOD.
There has been suggestion that implement changing stability effect over time, and I think it is a good idea.
But I decided this MOD will not support that.
My goal is make this mod simple, easy, compatible with other mods, as possible.
Feebacks of this mod will be implemented in my next mod. Thank you.