-Alternative Leaders-

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Author: Musvåge
Last revision: 24 Jan at 15:40 UTC


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Hello there.
This mod changes and updates some leaders.

-censoreship removed,
-Adolf Hitler removed, Erich Ludendorff added
-Konrad Adenauer removed, Victoria added
-National Spirit Willhelm III removed
-event added, Erich Ludendorff will die shortly before 1938
-The event includes five selectable leaders for Germany
-Gerd von Rundstedt, Erich Raeder, Wilhelm Keitel, Rudolf Hess, Erwin Rommel

-Neville Chamberlain removed, George V added
-event added, George V will die shortly before February 1936
-The event includes three selectable leaders for Britain
-George VI, Edward VIII, Mary of Teck

-Hirohito removed, Tojo Hideki added

<Soviet Union>
-Josef Stalin removed, Semyon Budyonny added
-event added, Gregory Zhukov will assume power between 1937-1942

-Benito Mussolini removed, Victor Emmanuel III added
-National Spirit Victor Emmanuel III removed
-event added, Victor Emmanuel II will resign between 1939 and 1940
-The event includes tree selectable leaders for Italy
-Umberto II, Emilio de Bono, Julius Evola

-William Dudley Pelley removed, Fritz Julius Kuhn added
-Franklin Delano Roosevelt removed, George S. Patton added
-Earl Browder removed, Huey Long added
-Douglas MacArthur is no longer a field marshal
-Elections Modified
-Election of 1936: George S. Patton vs John D. Rockefeller Jr.
-Election of 1940: George S. Patton vs Dwight D. Eisenhower
-Election of 1944: George S. Patton vs Amelia Earhart

-Manuel Luis Quezón removed, Chester W. Nimitz added
-Douglas MaxArthur is now a field marshal

-Kurt Schuschnigg removed, Adolf Hitler added
-Arthur Seyss-Inquart removed, Karl I added

-Jozef Tiso removed, Heinrich Himmler added

-Wang Jingwei removed, Alexander von Falkenhausen added
-Zhang Guotao removed, Konstantin Rokossovsky added

-Francisco Franco removed, Juan de Borbón y Battenberg added

-Ismet Inönü removed, Abdülmecid II added
-Fevzi Çakmak removed, Abdülmecid II added

-Hubert Pierlot removed, Leopold III added

-Charles de Gaulle removed, Napoleon VI added

-Per Albin Hansson removed, Gustaf V added

-Ignacy Moscicki removed, Edward Rydz-Smigly added

-Thorvald Stauning removed, Christian X added

-Kyösti Kallio removed, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim added
-Vilho Annala removed, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim added

-Ioannis Metaxas removed, Alexander Papagos added
-Alexander Papagos is now a field marshal

-Prince Paul removed, Danilo Kalafatovic I added

-António de Oliveira Salazar removed, Manuel II added

-Nimo de Anquín removed, Senor Hilter added

-Mackenzie King removed, Oswald Mosley added
-Adrien Arcand removed, Oswald Modley added

<New Zealand>
-Historical 1936 elections added
-Peter Fraser

<South Africa>
-Historical 1940 elections added
-Jan Smuts

-Gheorghe Tatarescu removed, Petre Dumitrescu added

-Edvard Benes removed, Josef Snejdárek added

-Federal Council removed, Henri Guisan added