Emperor of the World: Fan Fork

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Authors: CinnamonGamer, Roniius, Sylrieth
Last revision: 7 Nov at 18:02 2018 UTC


Update 0.1.2 is out!
Bug fixes:
– Fixed a few states’ supply areas
– Enchanced the AI
– Fixed some Localisation
– Tweaked a few laws
– Other smaller bug fixes

The Year is 1936 – over 100 years after the Napoleonic Wars, the events which would change the face of Europe and the world as a whole forever. After a series of victories against his enemies, Napoleon came out on top and defeated the many Coalitions which sought to take him down. Now, his Empire’s influence and legacy can be felt across the globe. But the Empire is weakening, and the Vultures begin to circle. Will you carry on his legacy, or tear down every piece of it?

Emperor of the World: Fan Fork is a reupload of the original mod, Emperor of the World, made by Kaiser 1871. All credit for the content which is currently in the mod goes to him. Eventually we will update the mod with reworked focus trees and new features and content.

Nations which currently have a focus tree:
– Empire of France
– Commonwealth of England
– United States of America
– Russia
– Qing
– Japan
– Australia
– Austrian DR
– Mughal Empire

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/haqgq4