Houndland: Man’s Best Friend

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Author: plox

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Man the Guns patch notes:

– Renamed the old Confederacy to "the Southern Union" and changed their flag (due to the CSA now existing in the actual game)
– Tweaked events regarding the Second American Civil War

What began as a fun opportunity to learn how to mod Hearts of Iron 4 quickly grew to a spiritual reboot of the original Hundland mod.

Houndland: Man’s Best Friend is a non-historical mod based on a series of events in the Commonwealth of Iceland. Somehow, a coup d’état was carried out by a group of sentient dogs. These dogs have now taken control of Iceland and will now decide the nation’s future, plunging it into a series of wars, diplomatic endeavours, imperialistic expansions and lots of barking.

Special thanks to Uncle Fear for creating the original mod. You can check it out here:

Warning: The mod is not complete and requires optimizations and updates to be more fun to play. Please let me know if you find any bugs or want to change anything.

— Features —

(Disclaimer: currently many decisions and events are currently unifinished, especially the ones related to Imperial Prestige and Party Unity)

Focus tree:
– 3 unique paths: a fascist path led by Supreme Leader Blondi, a neutrality path led by Emperor Yume and a democratic path led by President Ruffles.
– a construction tree to improve your nation’s industry and production
– a technology path to speed up research when there are no interesting focuses to do
– the catmunist path is currently under development

Decision tree (currently under development):
– decisions to spend extra political power
– more ideology specific decisions planned for the future

– perform aggressive wars as the State of Houndland
– party unity, a new score which you need to keep high to prevent infighting
– the Hundstaffel and HS-recruitment in conquered states
– invade Canada and puppet an autonomous Quebec
– assassinate the US President and create the spark of the 2nd American Civil War
– form the Houndreich

Second American Civil War (limited to the fascist path):
– 2 new countries: the Confederate states and California with its own decision tree
– the formation of the US military junta led by Douglas MacArthur
– be warned, the Confederates won’t be killed off♥♥♥♥♥easily this time

– colonize as the Empire of Houndland
– imperial prestige: a measure of how prestigious your emperor and empire is, can be used to create ships and upgrade your imperial palace up to level 7
– unique decisions for the emperor
– establish oversees colonies in the Caribbean and Western Africa
– side with Germany and negotiate with the Allies in the 2nd Berlin Conference
– spark the Second Russian Civil War
– create a large navy and invade the British and French

Second Russian Civil War (limited to the imperial path):
– spark a very bloody civil war between the white and red armies. The whites are however not unified and will fight for control over Russia if the Soviets are defeated
– the Soviets face a mighty foe, monarchist Russia once again led by the Romanov dynasty. As Houndland you can either ally them or install your own puppet on the throne of Russia
– 2 new countries: the Far Eastern Republic with its own decisions, led by the madman Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, and the Crimean Khanate

– negotiate as the Republic of Houndland
– choose to found a true democracy or a democratic dictatorship
– ally with your fellow Nordic nations or occupy Gibraltar to invade the Spanish
– form the United States of Houndland
– create the League of Animals

League of Animals (limited to the democratic path):
– form the League of Animals with its own decision tree
– invite other major nations and gain political power and bonuses
– enter international affairs by making decisions such as invading Iraq with the US or transfer Hong Kong back to the Chinese

– new unique tank tech tree with pictures and names
– new generals and leaders with unique portraits and traits
– dog politicians with punny names

I am not completely sure on which mods Houndland is compatible with. It is probably not compatible with mods which adds the CSA or California, but it really depends on how that modder has written his/her mod. This mod is most definitely not compatible with any mods that adds an independent Iceland or changes which nations that owns Iceland.
This mod is recommended to be played with the 1936 startdate.

Known bugs:
The colour of countries might not change as intended if combined with some other mods.

Future updates:
In the next update (which release in a long time) I will focus on creating a parliamentary system for the democratic path and finishing the catmunist path. I could possibly even make a fifth path centered around religiousness, creating a dog papal state led by the ”Holy Furry”.

I also want to do a secondary focus tree that you can use if you were to switch ideology after you’ve already picked Find Blondi, Invite the Emperor or The New President.

When I have time I’ll open up photoshop and make Houndland airplanes to match the tanks. I could potentially create guns and artillery sprites too

If I ever learn how to 3D model, I’ll maybe create dog models, but don’t keep your hopes up.

Most of this mod was made during the summer when I had a lot of spare time, so updates are unfortunately not going to come out regularly since I’m currently studying.