-Minor Immersion Reskin: Generic-

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Author: McNaughton
Last revision: 4 Nov at 11:37 2018 UTC


Thanks to MR.BBQ for finding an errant fine I put in to try to eliminate an error, which created the loading crash error! All mods have been updated and fixed!


I have been using Maya Autodesk to create the edited graphics. My subscription (free) has run out a while ago. I would like to revise all existing (make them more diverse/accurate) and create new models (aircraft, late weaponry, etc.), but cannot warrant a $250.00 a month hobby ($500.00 for two months). I could warrant a $50.00 a month hobby.

If everyone who subscribes to the mod donates 4 cents, then I would have two months subscription to Autodesk.
If everyone who liked/favoured the mod donates 3 dollars, then I would have two months subscription to Autodesk.
I would not like anyone to donate more than 5 dollars, (cup of coffee).

Help the Mod at Paypal[paypal.me]

Thanks for any assistance!


This mod covers all nations Generic and Cultural Generic graphics. If a nation does not have a specific graphic yet (excluding majors and DLC nations), they get one here. Plus each nation gets 1-2 possible other graphics (based upon generics).

I have added generics for regions as well, as in Vanilla HoI4 everyone got the Western European graphic (pretty much), including Africa and the Middle East. Now each major region has a more distinct Generic Cultural graphic.

A little extra is with Spain. I got into more detail here, creating an alternate uniform (Khaki Brown) to contrast the Khaki Green of the specific graphics found in the European Mod. If you are playing as Spain in the Civil War, you can switch your graphics to differentiate between you and your opponent.

Complete Versions
Part 1: Scandinavia and the Baltic States
Part 2: Western and Central European Minors
Part 3: The Balkan States
Part 4: Asia and the Pacific Minors
Part 5: Middle East and Africa
Part 6: South and Central America
Part 7: Generic and Cultural Generic
Part 8: Poland (pending)
Part 9: France (pending)
Part 10: Italy (pending)
Part 11: United States (pending)
Part 12: Death and Dishonour DLC states (pending)
Part 13: Together for Victory DLC states (pending)
Part 14: Waking Tiger DLC states (pending)
Part 15: Japan (pending)
Part 16: Soviet Union (pending)
Part 17: Germany (pending)