Too Many Ideologies

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Author: Ovix1

Last revision: 29 May, 2018 at 23:25 UTC

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This mod is primarily a tool I made for modders, but is still able to be played (But I doubt it’d be much fun, as there are no custom focus trees, or even advisors…)

Adds 48 Ideologies
Adds custom Ideology changing events
Nations of similar ideologies are more likely to accept diplomatic deals

Ideologies are every combination of:
c (Capitalist), m (Statist/Mixed), s (Socialist)
a (Anarchist), d (Democratic), o (Oligarchic), m (Monocratic)
p (Progressive), l (Liberal), N (Nationalist), R (Religious/Fundamentalist)

The id for each ideology is ip_xyz
x = Economy (ex: m for Mixed/Statist)
y = Government (ex: o for Oligarchy)
z = Priority/Culture (ex: r for Religious/Fundamentalist)

So if you wanted to change to a Religious Statist Oligarchy (basicallt a theocracy), you would type the command:
set_ruling_party ip_mor

Again, this is mostly for modders, so I won’t be adding any features (probably). I only made this, cause I’m using it for another mod, and thought I could at least give this. Hopefully it’ll be used for something.