The Return of The Tsar

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Author: Wilhelm II
Last revision: 24 May at 00:20 2018 UTC


(I have now completely stopped working on this mod and shifted all of my focus to a different mod.)

The Return of The Tsar

The Return of The Tsar is an Alt. History mod focused on improving Asia, Russia and allowing other countries to become Monarchist. The main point of divergence is in 1916 whe China falls into many Warlording states including the Empire of China becoming a shadow of its former self only hanging onto Beijang and some surronding areas with the help of the Imperial Guard. Soon after the Hongxian Emperor dies and is succeeded by his son Yuan Keding known as the Yuntai Emperor. The Russian Civil War raged on in Russia and during that time in 1918 when Lenin was giving a speech he was assassinated which caused the Soviet Government to loose some legitimacy and destablizied the Red Army for some time. During the great loses of the White and Red Armies during 1919 – 1920 Joseph Stalin took direct control of the Soviet Government and this did help boost morale for a time but in hindsight was little more than a power hungry move. In 1921 Roman Von Ungern-Sternberg secures Mongolia as an indepedent state and fight off the Red Army with the help of the Japanese (Which created a beneficial relationship for the two during the Russian Civil War) and he eventually peaced out with the Red Army and the Soviet Government was forced to demilitrize their border with Mongolia. Alongside what was going on in Asia was he Ottoman Empire being partitioned by the Entente in 1918 – 1922 and someone are attempting to restore the empire. The Japanese with the help of the Mongolians and the remaining White Army forces secure territory in the Far East and with the Japanese having an advantage keeping control of this land decide to keep troops in the area. With the White Army and Japanese Army having a working relationship the Russians and Japanese sign the Treaty of Vladivostok allowing for the Japanese to create a naval port near Vladivostok. Now in Europe the Polish government was trying to find a figurehead who could unite the Polish Republic and they found a man who could do this exact job by the name of Friedrich Christian who was the heir to the House of Wettin and with the Polish government remembering the prolonged link between the Electorate of Saxony decided with the Sejm elect Friedrich Christian in 1933 as King Frederick Christian II of Poland. With the idea of a Polish and Lithuanian Union very strong inside the country the government decided to ‘occupy’ Lithuania as to ‘protect the Lithuanian people from the threat of the Soviet Union’ as set up Lithuania as a autonomous region of Poland.

It has been 19 years since the start of the Russian Civil war and gave way for Communism to ruin our homeland. Many have died and it ended in a Communist victory but only just. The few White Army generals who made it out of Russia have scattered across Europe yearning for a return to the old system but there is hope: Mongolia. In 1917 our Khan Roman von Ungern-Sternberg fought for the White Army and managed to take control of Outer Mongolia in 1920 and as the war came closer and closer to a Red victory the White Army had to retreat to the cold Siberian plain, as the temperature got colder and colder many left and found comfort in Mongolia. Khan Roman managed to secure land in divided China and some Russian land with some of the last remnants of the White Army. It is now 1936 and with Russia under the tyrannical dictator of Joseph Stalin we have no other choice but to reclaim our homeland. But with the charge for returning the Tsar we might be able to help other Monarchist movements all over the world with a bit of support. With our effort and underground resistance we can presaude the population into turning to our cause with the help of some outside forces. So we must reclaim Russia and Return the Tsar to his rightful throne!

News: More Warlording states in Russia after Pyotr Wrangel’s death

Working on *Halted until Man the Guns is released*
– Monarchist Route for French Focus Tree
– The option of an American Kingdom + Expanded American Focus Tree

Working on
– Second Russian Civil War

Any suggestions are welcomed as it is just being developed by me!