My Road to 56

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Author: ColCoal
Last revision: 2 Dec at 21:18 UTC


The Road to 56 mod, but some additional focus trees, focus trees I didn’t like in the original mod changed, and a more accessable map. The goal for this mod is to eventually have a focus tree for every nation. The theme of the mod is fun not historical accuracy.
Features in addition toRt56:
Better Map
WTT focus tree for Japan
DoD focus tree for Hungary
Better focus trees for Germany, Tibet, Netherlands, Dutch East Indes, USA, and Soviet union
New focus trees for Egypt(glory of ancient egypt line not finished), Angola/Mozambique, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Peru, Uruguay, Cuba, Bhutan, Mongolia, Afganistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine.
Events, States, Resource balence, Focus tree balances and more!
Rimmy playing Egypt: