Acme Iron Hearts Corp – Overhaul

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Authors: kebw1144, Synarix
Last revision: 10 Feb at 00:03 UTC


Welcome to Acme Iron Heart Corporation. A place of fun, adventure, murder and possibly even world domination.

This mod is pretty straight forwards, it aims to bring balance and immersion as an overhaul without changring the base ‘feeling’ the game has. In that regards, it includes numerous changes and other mods as to bring hopefully the best possible gameplay.

We are trying to bring regular updates and new content as regularly as possible. But, our time is only so limited. So, if you have any suggestions or wants, then do please suggest them – we can only think of so much!

Designed for 1936 start, this particular mod aims to challange every player whilst keeping fun and immersive. This is achieved by trying to improve the AI. Whilst this is an up-hill battle due to the incredibly broken starting AI, we think we have achieved a good compromise between improving the AI and helping the AI. We also aim to add ever more "ease of life" content, modifications and updates as to allow for an easier, more straightforward gameplay that hopefully has very little annoying and boring tasks.

For a complete list of changes, please view the Patch Notes in the Discussion forum.

It is our policy that anyone may use our works here without any specifics terms of use outside of being attributed and linked. This is naturally limited only to our own work and does no extended to any included mods or content – for these, view their original creators (linked below).

NOTE: This mod is intended for use with all the DLCs enabled and with the most update-to-date (not including betas) version of the game. Not using all DLCs or running the mod on previous version of Hearts of Iron IV may result in unintended consequences. Also, since this is an overhaul, this mod is obviously not Ironman mode compatible and will not be compatible with a lot of other mods.

  1. Completely overhauled National Focus Tree for France & the Soviet Union/USSR
  2. New Resource Prospecting! – Resources added across the map and more will come when new DLC get released.
  3. Improved AI: Aimed at using the full extent of Hearts of Iron IV’s gameplay – more support companies, more equipment.
  4. Randomized Campaign! The AI will no longer select the same decisions. They will sometimes act differently (for better or worse), select different national focuses or tactics, and be different in general. This allows for a truly interesting game where you never quite know what you are going to get.
  5. New Technologies: Currently it brings 5 new techs available for all countries, currently focusing on improving supply. However, more will be added!
  6. More Immersive Tech names. The Old "improved this" to "advanced that" have all been, or soon will be, replaced by more immersive names.
  7. New icons for numerous techs, equipments thanks to 电灯弗里曼
  8. More government Manufacturers. No longer is the time where you had to select only one Manufacturer. You can now select up to 3 for each type.
  9. Support Company limits have been increased to 10 and their organisation penalty has been reduced, allowing for full historic layouts.
  10. Reduced the non-sensical values that require army experience to reform/modify division template. They now cost almost nothing!
  11. More variants! This effects artillery, motorised, infantry equipment, mechanised.
  12. Localised Country Names! (Special characters removed for stability)
  13. "ease of life" Upgrades: Jet planes now a standard upgrade to their original non-jet-powered counter-part.

  • New UI (user interface) look & graphics!
  • More manufacturers! As to reflect the more slots, more manufacturers will be included. Currently, only France has new manufacturers.
  • More Techs!
  • More Support Companies
  • And more! (if we, or you, can think of more!)


  • Reduced AI Bonuses: This should allow PCs to better handle this game without as many issues and load on the CPU,
  • Fixed AI Template issues (including not using engineers)
  • Fixed a number of other minor issues (mostly typo fixes)


  • Introduced Welcome Events
  • Introduced Great War Anti Air
  • Introduced Great War Anti Tank
  • Introduced Horse Drawn Carriages (great war motorized). This may be usefull for countries with no access to Oil or Rubber – or with few industries as it can be quickly produced compared to standard motorized. Horse Drawn Carriages also have no hardness or armor values – they are soft targets only (obviously).
  • Introduced starting Equipment for countries. Winners of the Great War (WWI – i.e france, UK, ITA, SOV) Will have even more surplus equipment (great war level equipment)
  • Reduce potency of "Great War" level equipment – they are now weaker then they where before.
  • Introduced "Set Up" effects to set up the world as it should be (You will get a bunch of great-war level techs for it – everyone gets that)
  • Introduced placeholder icons for these new techs and equipment
  • Reduced PP bonus in french focus tree (down to 35% bonus for 1 year)
  • Removed PP Bonus for Paul Reynald – he already has enough traits as it is.
  • Fixed "Ultimatum to Finland" Focus – it now should bypass properly if Finland surrender Karjala.
  • Re-introduced Captured Equipment from capitulating or annexing countries. it is now at 10% of their total.
  • Slightly Nerfed "Great War" Equipment (Basic Infantry Equipment) to match other Great-War level equipment and to highlight the fact that these weapons are outdated – You may start with a lot of them, but they will no longer be as beneficial or useful.
  • Reduced IC build cost for "Great War" Equipment (Basic Infantry Equipment)
  • Great War level Equipment can always be built – with or without the techs researched. It can also be built faster then 1936 models (and for less resources). Making them potentially usefull as "Ersatz" Equipment.
  • Released countries and non-existent countries will NOT benefit from the starting surplus or great war techs. This is done on purpose as to make it like they are "starting from scratch". – this will also make them a lot weaker late game.
  • NOTE: Base-level ‘standard’ artillery (towed artillery) is NOT considered a Great War tech!
  • Removed a number of duplicate files within the Mod Folder. this should reduce mod-size.

Special thanks and contributions to their original creators.

All ACME icons and art comes from Rob Loukotka’s posters. So special thanks to him.