China Focus Rework (WTT)

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Author: HolyPit
Last revision: 1 Jan at 04:16 UTC


China National Focus Rework: Refined Focus Tree After “Waking the Tiger”

You need all current DLCs (Together for Victory, Death or Dishonor and Waking the Tiger) to make this mod work perfectly.

Current version: 0.9 (work-in-progress, testing needed, please report any bug or imbalance)

This mod gives you more choices where you can lead the Nationalist China to, regarding solving the communist civil war, suppressing warlords and dealing with Japanese.

Mean Features:

Six unique leaders with eight different paths you can lead China to:
Chiang Kai-Shek – Non-aligned – “Nationalism” – the WTT vanilla pathway
Lin Sen – Democratic – “Democracy” – the enhanced WTT pathway to a democratic government
Zhang Xue-Liang – Non-aligned/Fascist – “A Debt of Blood” – fight Japanese
Zhang Xue-Liang – Non-aligned/Fascist – “Tsingtao for Peace” – make peace with Japan by selling your own territories
He Ying-Qin – Fascist – “Strengthen He Regime” – try to ally Germany and fight Japan/Soviet Union
Wang Jing-Wei – Fascist – “Cooperate With Japan” – try to ally Japan
Wang Jing-Wei – Fascist – “Subjugation to Japanese” – become a Japanese subject willing and try to gain independence later (or not)
Prince Yasuhito – Fascist – “Brother Nation of Japan” – form a union with Japan by inviting a Japanese imperial ruler

Add two new admirals: Chen Shao-Kuan and Chan Chak

Add lots of new national spirits and new events

WIP To-do list:

All focus descriptions
More rework on industry, navy and technology
To expand the focus tree even more, suggestions are extremely welcome!