German Touhou Dance Music

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Author: Terry Sans

Last revision: 30 Dec, 2018 at 00:13 UTC

File size: 162.73 MB

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This mod is essential for any weaboos and wehraboos alike! With the combination of remixed Touhou BGMs and german lyrics. These songs are just flowing for me with their rhythm and song text.
It is heaviliy recommend that you turn off weighted shuffle.


Ironman/Achievement Compatible.
Touhou af.
Over 100+ tracks.
Replaces HoI4 OST.
No "popping sound", commonly found from broken music mods.
Regularly updated with new albums added.
Open to requests.
Optimised 44100hz soundfiles for the lowest amount of hardrive space!

No copyright infringment intended. This is a not-for profit mod. Click on the image for tracklists and whatnot. The best thing about Bandcamp (compared to iTunes and Spotifiy), is that you can choose however much you can donate to the artists, supporting them directly in what they do!