Kaiserreich Culture Submod

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Author: ezk3626
Last revision: 18 Jan at 03:24 UTC


This is a submod based on the Expanded Ideas in the Road to 1956 for Kaiserreich. The basic idea is that each government type would have associated ideas revolving around their approach to art, education, gender, justice, war and religion.

This is the first Alpha edition of this mod. All I have done is made it so that on start up each country will have one of these ideas based on their government. Each idea has a bonus but I am 90% sure it is not balanced. I’d also bet that a new country would spawn without these ideas. There are also no pictures yet attached to each idea.

Here is my to do list for this mod:
* Balance bonuses for gameplay (always in work and depending on your feedback)
* ~~Attach gfx for each idea~~
* Write log for each idea (started)
* Create events or decisions for when governments change to allow for ideas to change and maybe penalties for when they don’t change.
* Create AI preferences for each idea based on current government
* Create events or decisions based on ideas
* Modify focus trees which would influence or be influenced by these ideas.
*Add pictures to this page

I get a lot of requests to do a vanilla version. This submod was inspired by an already existing (though more fully developed) part of The Road to 1956 mod which you can download on your own. I recommend just play ’56 but if you only want the Expanded Ideas part here is the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=818974838

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