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Author: Angelblue1032

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Welcome to Kaiserreich Expanded! This submod adds a few things, more may come later.

What it adds:
National France now has a focus to retake Nancy, Germany also has the option to return all of France’s claimed land, Nancy and Dunkirk, or none of it.
France also has options to have one of the King’s daughters take the throne if he dies. (Only works if Monarchy is restored)(Need to take the starting monarchy focus, don’t think the other one will work)
National France now doesn’t lose as much Stability for taking Native Conscription.
More Tech Tree Models
All 3 India’s industrial focus tree times are shorter, as are coring times.(Warning: May lead to OP India, be warned)
Honduras doesn’t lose manpower for taking a professional army.
Australasia has a better chance of getting the conscription referendum passed.
South Africa can now remove Segregation Idea, assuming the Federation/Dominists Win the elections and civil war-It will only work if you take the events/focuses that lower segregation penalties. (To do this, make sure you take all events and focuses that decrease the racial segregation penalty, like establishing the Native’s Trust Act and giving broad atonomy. There should be 3 total if I’m correct. Be warned, it will cost 10 stability to do so.)
Ireland and Persia now have shorter industrial and reform times, making them easier to use. (Any shorter and they’ll get OP)
Bolivia can now get Cruisers from their cruiser purchase focus from Germany.
Mexico can restore the Monarchists if the Sinarquist coup occurs. *Think its fixed now, forgot to add a line to actually…you know…trigger the event.*
Transmur can get the same white peace event as Russia or Mongolia or Korea if they take the Mainland.
Egypt can now get the Treaty if the conditions for the seizing the Suez are met, as well as Germany having 20% surrender progress or more. If they deny…well just take it…hopefully he’ll be too busy being rekted to focus on you.
The Netherlands CNA-LSP coalition negotiations should FINALLY WORK.

*That’s all for now*
Thanks to CaesarVincens for helping me.