KR Expanded

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Author: Angelblue1032
Last revision: 19 Jan at 04:09 UTC


Welcome to Kaiserreich Expanded! This submod adds a few things, more may come later.

What it adds:
National France now has a focus to retake Nancy, as well as more options to have one of the King’s daughters take the throne if he dies. (Only works if Monarchy is restored)
National France now doesn’t lose as much Stability for taking Native Conscription.
More Tech Tree Models
All 3 India’s industrial focus tree times are shorter, as are coring times.(Warning: May lead to OP India, be warned)
Honduras doesn’t lose manpower for taking a professional army.
South Africa can now remove Segregation Idea, assuming the Federation/Dominists Win.-It will only work if you take the events/focuses that lower segregation penalties. (For those who don’t know, take the Representation of the Natives Act and the side of the focuses that gives you the option for Tribal governments, and give them broad autonomy) (No removal for Nationalists, you get Aparthid)
Ireland and Persia now have shorter industrial and reform times, making them easier to use. (Any shorter and they’ll get OP)
Mittelafrika has much shorter Black Monday recovery times, and a minor focus bug fix.

*That’s all for now*