Too Many States

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Authors: xhex88, Crystalflame
Last revision: 25 Mar at 05:16 UTC


A very basic mod. I’ve added ~2100 new states to the game (quadrupling vanilla state count), starting in Europe and Africa, now spanning Siberia. I’ve started to add some tags, and now the mod covers India! 🙂
I haven’t done the population, but at least I can say it might be fun in the future. Test it out though, it’s good

You’ll need a decent PC to run it. Expect some lag later-game.

Current Version:

Expansion 14 (v0.14) "The Northern Cliques"
Sinkiang, Xibei San Ma, Shanxi, Mengkukuo, Manchukuo, Tibet

Next Version:
Expansion 15 (v0.15) "The East Asian Theater"
China, PRC, Japan, Guangxi Clique, Yunnan
(3/28 or around then)

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