Too Many States

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Authors: xhex88, Crystalflame
Last revision: 19 Jan at 05:17 UTC


A very basic mod. I’ve added 941 new states to the game, starting in Europe. I haven’t done the coring, population, or anything, but at least I can say it might be fun in the future. Test it out though, it’s good

You’ll need a decent PC to run it. Expect some lag later-game.

Expansion 8 (v0.08) "Fish and Chips"
Caucasus, UK, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, StateName Change II

TMS 8.1 (v0.08.1) "Danzig for Sudetenland" (1/20)
Event Fixes II, Too Many Victory Points II

Release 1/27 – Expansion 9 (v0.09)
Turkey, Libya, Egypt, Senegal, The Levant

UPDATE (1/10/2018)