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Author: 3d10 Rats

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This mod began as modifications to for more continuous focuses. I was after something to allow more development in your country, especially for smaller and minor countries.

This mod currently adds 2 continuous focuses:
Resource Focus: The resource continuous focus adds 20% more resources (the same as a level of excavation), and an event that grants some resources in a random territory you own, which occurs on average every 180 days.

Population Focus: Grants a 40% boost to population growth, and a refugee event if you are at peace and world tension is high enough. Accepting many refugees can hurt stability though!

This mod currently adds 4 decisions into the game, one for each ideology:
Communism: Gets a building slot decision that works similar to having full infrastructure, it does use factories for a short period however.

Democracy: Gets a repeatable resource granting decision that uses some factories for a period in order to permanently grant some resources in a random state you control once you have excavation 3.

Fascism: Gets a decision to increase population growth in exchange for a large amount of Political power.

Non-Aligned: Has an improvement chain (6 long) that improves your capital state. Each level grants a factory slot, and some levels give a permanent bonus to your country. The capstone of the improvement chain takes half a year and uses 10 civilian factories to grant a large number of bonuses permanently to your country (even if you change ideologies).

More things may be added in the future, and I’ll accept any feedback people may have in the comments. If you think something fits the theme leave it in the comments. I won’t always add recommendations, but they might make it in in some form.