B – 4 – c19 – WUNDERWAFFEN Reskin & Anim Fix

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Authors: PacificKempeitai, Ritter Runkel
Last revision: 12 Feb at 15:27 UTC


We’re not native English Speaker, so post in the comment if any description makes u confused.

  • German Missiles + Generic Missiles

    [Available for Every Nations]

  • Animation: + launch anim; + bombing anim; + bombing effect; + launch effect; *Missile Assert Files are fixed up.
  • Models: +V2; +A9; +A10. (Include GFX work)
  • Sounds: +Missile Idle; +Missile Launch.
  • ***You will Get the Best Performance On Guided Missile Stage 3***

Ironman & Muti-Play & 99% Mods Compatible

Graphic Mod

You can simply use this mod without additional work.
Tag "b" is Graphic Mod, we didn’t edit any data files for them.


Why Missile Models are not appearing up in my game?


There 2 reasons,
1 stage 1 and 2 rocket have terrible efficiency, therefore, without modding the unit files, stage 1 and 2 have to suffer the low frequency of animations.
2 due to vanilla defining files.

Originally posted by Paradox – 00_graphics.lua :

"MISSILES_DIVISION_FACTOR = 60, — Number of missiles shown in a strategic region will be divided by this factor."
"MAX_MISSILE_BOMBING_SCENARIOS = 2, — Max number of missile bombing scenarios in a strategic region."

Bug Report

If you are facing any Bug from this Mod
Pls send us your C:UsersXXXDocumentsParadox InteractiveHearts of Iron IVlogserror.log in Here 👉
(XXX = your Computer User Name)

The new version of the Total Reskin Mod will contain 👇
  1. + Models which has a tag but still suffering incorrect models. (i.g. Ju87)
  2. * Replace broken Animations. (i.g. Missile Bombing)
  3. + More Animations. (i.g. Infantry Banzai Charge, Grenade)
  4. * Replace some unhistorical unit. (i.g. GER S Bomber 3)
  5. + New Units which could be possible in Alter history. (i.g. Helicopters)

FAQ for Plan
  • Q: Will u do Minor Reskin like BEL Plane; Tank or Infantry?
  • A: Yes, but will take a Long Time.
If u have any Suggestions, welcome to join our Discord.

…Sry not Ready

Total Reskin 2.0 will contain a large number of Pack and Segment Mods
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Sry Not Finish Yet