Historical Poland Anime Submod

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Authors: nande kore wa, My personal favourite cream

Last revision: 3 Apr at 17:11 UTC

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Have you ever wanted more realistic portraits for your XX-century Winged Hussars? Looking for an unique experience while playing Poland? Look no more!

Now you can play Historical Poland, with anime girls and their cute voices, soundtrack included!


– All portraits in Poland, literally all of them are weebified

– More than 100 new portraits and graphics included!

– The loading screens are affected from the weeb disease too

– Oh my goodness, what happened to their voices?

– It seems like anime plague has spread into the sountrack, featuring over 20 tracks that will play during your Japano-Polish adventure

Requires the Historical Poland mod of course: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=931688026

Not required, but I reccommend the Strike Panzer mod for your best (worst?) weeaboo experience:

Credit to Plz don’t notice mai waifu for creating the voices, the anime community salutes you

Anything is missing, bugged, or you just wanted to say "oh my gosh what have you done delete this mod"? Join my discord (which is shared by the huge Historical Poland community too): https://discord.gg/YeJrTd9

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