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Author: Lucky Jervis

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※Please read※
I use Google Translate because I do not know English.
This mod is unfinished and will take time to complete.
Your test play and feedback are important, so please cooperate.

-v1.0 Add officers and voices to seven major countries
-v1.1 Add officers and voices to smaller countries including Hungary and Poland
-v1.2 Add characters to Sweden, Finland, etc.
-v1.3 Change national leaders in China, Afghanistan and Canada
-v1.4 King of the Land, Forward!—————————————————————–

METAL WALTZ participation in war!

Many reinforcements have arrived!

Equipped with a gun that boasts an overwhelming firepower, is a tank corps dressed in a steel armor!

Let’s make them show their power with Kanmusu and Servant!


Heroes of the world gather here!

More than 250 characters gathered

kantai collection -kancolle- 【艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-】
Girls’ Frontline -少女前线- 【ドールズフロントライン -ドルフロ-】
Azur Lane- 舰B- 【アズールレーン -アズレン-】
GIRLS und PANZER -GuP- 【ガールズアンドパンツァー -ガルパン-】
Fate / Grand Order -FGO-
METAL WALTZ 【鋼鉄のワルツ】

Give each character a trait close to the image
Other voice, sound, loading screen also changed

Let’s restore the peace of the world with them!