The Great War Rebuffed NOW STANDALONE

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Author: laconh

Last revision: 4 May at 03:56 UTC (4)

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Please note that this is now a standalone mod. You don’t need any other mods to play it.

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Current version 0.2 "To the last man!"

This is my first mod, I’m glad that many of you are enjoying this, and I wish the further updates make your gameplay even greater!

I’ve done some personal changes to rebalance the mod Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War, made by Wolferos, so I decided to share them with you all in a new mod.

The changes, by now, particularly rebalance manpower, with other minor rebalances and some future plans.

See the changelog to get in contact with our modifications.

Savegames might be corrupted sometimes. If you reload a savegame and all nations are democratic and have no leaders, reload and start a new game.

– Further adjustment on research speed get by focuses, and the research rewards at all;
– Further adjustment on Austro-Hungarian borders at the Bucovina state;
– Give destabilizing spirits to be treated within the Ottoman Empire (if the player wish to do so).
– War exhaustion system (such as in Endsieg);
– Revamped naval system (I will need to read more books about naval equipment of this era lol);

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There I would stay closer to you, answer your questions, your bug reporting and your suggestions.

Our Github Repository

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So, I expect you enjoy these modifications. If you have any suggestions, critics and bug reporting, ask me, and also join our discussion on the Paradox forums[].


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