WW’s German Icons+ Unofficial 1.6 Patch

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Author: M0NKEE2

Last revision: 9 Apr at 15:10 UTC

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All the content in this mod was made by Wunderwaffle. The mod will be removed if he updates the original or asks me to take it down.

Original Mod by Wunderwaffle:


Army Group icons:

Selection of high command flags and standard for flavour or non-historical/outside-WW2 gameplay:

  • Army C-in-C
  • Chief of the Army General Staff
  • Wehrmacht C-in-C
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Reichsführer-SS
  • Reichswehrminister
  • Kaiser
  • Bundespräsident
  • Inspector General of the Bundeswehr

Army icons:

Selection of flags and standards for flavour or non-historical/outside-WW2 gameplay:

  • Reichsführer-SS
  • Regional commander of Waffen-SS
  • Wehrmachtbefehlshaber (Commander of troops in occupied territory under civilian administration)
  • Militärbefehlshaber (Commander of occupied territory under military administration)
  • Army (Bundeswehr)
  • Army Corps (Bundeswehr)

Achievement & Ironman & Multiplayer Compatible