HoI4 Extra

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Author: vukica

Last revision: 16 Jun at 19:35 UTC (8)

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What is this mod about?

The purpose of this mod is to give the player a little extra technology, and a little more time to play with it.
Every tech tree is expanded. My goals was to extend the tree for another 5-6 years. That means that most tech ends at 1952 +/- 1.
Game end date was moved to 1965 so you don’t have to deal with that annoying end-game screen that shows up eventually.
I tried to keep to vanilla tech trees as much as possible, so you should find everything where you left it in vanilla.


All tech expanded to about 1952-ish.
All new super carrier hull.
Naval nuclear reactors for different ships which can be researched in the tech tree.
Rebalanced ship naval speed and refit costs.
Carrier Jet Fighters and CAS.

See CHANGE NOTES for more details.


Anything that touches tech tree, equipment, ship modules, etc. is definitely incompatible!

Stuff like player led peace conferences and puppet manager should be OK.