Historical Party Names

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Author: SphereWorld

Last revision: 19 May, 2019 at 14:25 UTC (2)

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This is a mod dedicated to correcting and improving party names in vanilla.

Note this version does not add party emblems and should not work with any mod that adds party emblems. It is for those people who like more historically accurate party names but do not want to change the vanilla generic ideology emblems into party emblems. If you want party emblems, there is another version that supports the Party Emblem Mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1712962244

I have proofread part of the party list in the vanilla in the spirit of historical authenticity. I consider whether to replace a party on the basis of its active period, popularity and whether it can fit its party leader. However, the need to be compatible to the ironman mode puts a restriction on the possible choices of replacements. For example, it would be impossible to change the vanilla party leader without breaking checksum at the same time. This means I sometimes could not adopt the best choice of name if it conflicts with the party leader. I would always need to make a party name suit a party leader instead the reverse.

Here is a list of the parties I have replaced in vanilla along with their new party names:

N Non-Aligned
D democratic
F Fascist
C Communist

Hungary N: F48P => Regency
Hungary F: Horthy government => NEP
South Africa C: SACP => CPSA
Czechoslovakia F: NOF => NS
Italy D: Partito Popolare Italiano => GL (Giustizia e Libertà)
Italy N: Partito Nazionale Monarchico => Monarchists
Japan F: Taisei Yokusankai => Toseiha
France F: Fascism Mouvement Franciste => Réactionnaires
China N: Kuomintang => Whampoa Clique
China D: China Democratic League => Kuomintang
China F: BSB => Wang’s Faction
Sinkiang C: CPSU => Anti-Imperialist Union
Communist China D: KMT-RC => China Democratic League

You can find the explanation of all the party replacements in the change notes (earlier notes are only included in the emblem version’s change notes), feel free to give suggestions! There are more changes that are not included in this list, including:

-names improvement borrowed from the PEM
-newly added names to fill blank or generic party names
-name changes to reflect the exact name used by the parties at the period (some parties’ name in the period was different from what they are using now, and PDX failed to take this into account)
-corrections or other minor improvements

Finally, because it only changes party names and adds some emblems, the mod is Ironman-compatible. It needs to start a new game to apply the changes though. Have fun!



Q: Why a lot of names become abbreviated? I don’t like abbreviated party names!

A: Besides correcting non-historical party names, this mod also tries to give Hoi4 party names a more consistent looking. Since most party names in the vanilla have been shown in the abbreviated form if they have one, it would be quite strange for some exceptions like Italian parties to have not been shown in abbreviation. Well, this mod will also fix this kind of inconsistency. You can still see the full name if you move the cursor to the party/ideology emblem. This may be taken as one of my personal preference though. if you don’t like abbreviated names, please just ignore or maybe skip this mod. I will consider making a full name version if there is a high demand though.

Q: Will you also add names for the blank parties in minor countries, whose names are only shown in their ideology such as ‘Democratic’, ‘Fascist’ and ‘Non-Aligned’?

A: It’s not my priority currently as it will definitely cost too much energy. But it may become my future plan. Besides this, it’s worth to notice non-aligned parties are quite tricky since PDX has a rather vague definition for these parties. I would rather leave most of them ‘Non-Aligned’ instead of supposing them to be all monarchists.


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.