Unlock All Ideology Ministers (Political Advisors)

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Author: CSRZ

Last revision: 16 Jun, 2019 at 21:33 UTC (1)

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IT WORKS!!! It’s fixed and you can change your ideology as ANY country (doesn’t matter if you have dlc or you play as major country or whatever).

– hire political advisors (ministers) independently of focus trees, so you can change ideology mid-game
– every nation that didn’t have non-aligned/neutral/monarchist ideology minister now will get one (+0,1 non-aligned support per day)
– all of the communism/fascism/democracy on the rise events and decisons should fire properly (you can choose between civil war and referendum just like playing a minor nation)
– new "bonkers" events allowing you to switch to non-aligned ideology (you will need 70% support for non-aligned though – but if you want to play as monarchist France or Italy you can do it now)
(To test the events enter "event bonkers.1" or "event bonkers.2" as a console command. I am able to improve those events with time, but for now just enjoy that they work – You can play as monarchist/neutral country now!)

In vanilla you can’t change ideology of a nation later in the game, if you picked the wrong ideology focus early in the game and you can never change ideologies more than once – now you can.

Feel free to post opinions and comments on the mod below.
Inform me if you find any bugs for me to squish.


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