Release Every Nation as the UK (and POUM)

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Author: CSRZ

Last revision: 8 May at 10:01 UTC (4)

File size: 1.64 MB

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NOW ALSO ALLOWS POUM TO RELEASE NATIONS – compatible only with 1.9.2

only replaces one file (diplomacy_scripted_triggers.txt), but it can break (or be broken by) other mods that edit that file so be warned ahead

This mod is Man the Guns DLC bugfix that allows the player to release nations as the United Kingdom again (via game mechanics) as alternative to focus trees.

If you have Man the Guns DLC installed you won’t be able to do it without picking decolonization focus even if:
1. you’ve already researched all of the focuses and you conquered your released colonies again (you can’t release a nation twice as the UK),
2. you want to release a nation as monarchistic/democratic/fascist UK and you never took the "decolonization" focus branch (in such case you will never be able to release nations).

If you don’t have Man the Guns DLC then don’t subscribe to this. Only Man the Guns owners are affected by this problem.

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