Vanilla Formable Nations Fixes & Tweaks

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Author: SiĆ°hrafn

Last revision: 23 Apr at 15:20 UTC (3)

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This is a rather simple mod that started out as a fix for the vanilla formable nations not having adjectives, though any other suggestions are welcome.

  • Adjectives & definitions for all vanilla formable nations.
  • All formable nations can be formed by puppets (they must ask for permission from their overlords first and pay a price).
  • Puppet names for most formable nations.
  • States are renamed based on what formable nation controls them (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • New & reworked ideological names for a few formable nations.
  • New political party names for all formable nations.
  • The Nordic Union and Democratic Rome gets new leaders.
  • Hungary can form Austria-Hungary through decision.
  • Neither Victoria II nor a Non-Aligned government are needed to form the Holy Roman Empire.
  • The European Union can be formed with any ideology.
  • The Nordic Union gets new flags (courtesy of ExoticWalrus).
  • Schleswig-Holstein changes it’s name when owned by Scandinavia/the Nordic Union.
  • All countries will now receive news events when a country has been formed, as was originally intended.
  • Iceland can form the Nordic Union.
  • Releasing Slovakia as Czechoslovakia will now rename the latter as the Czech Republic, as intended.
  • Some formable nations will have new cores.
  • A few formable nations will receive new generic leader names.
  • Roman Provinces.
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Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger

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