Vanilla Formable Nations Patch

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Author: CSRZ

Last revision: 10 Jun at 14:03 UTC

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Unofficial patch for formable nations introduced with Waking the Tiger (three months in the making – would you believe that?). Should be compatible with the majority of other mods.

There’s a ton of stuff being fixed in this mod:
– all 19 vanilla formable nations were completely revised and repaired after Man the Guns destroyed them with the new map (all proper provinces should now get properly cored when forming a nation)
– UNFORM EVENTS!!! (in case where a formable nation loses key territory after lost war)
– formable Republic of China for warlords and communist china when under Zhang Lan (previously Zhang Lan was completely bugged and couldn’t do nothing)
– formable united Germany for FRG and DDR
– restored missing/censored graphics (for the Polish Commonwealth and Greater German Reich)
– fixed bugs in scripting (events, decisions, missing provinces or otherwise)
– Soviet Union can now form Kaliningrad oblast
– immersive chain of events for communist China transforming from Soviet China through United Front, Communist Party of China and into PRC with unique historical flags
– new immersive chain of events for the Commonwealth with a choice of losing the eastern lands and forming modern Poland or restoring the complete Commonwealth
– the EU completely overhauled with new chain of decisions (you don’t need eastern Germany to form it, but you can core it after the EU is formed)
– many incomprehensible formable nations requirements fixed (ex. Rome, Persia, Ottoman Empire etc.)
– Baltic States now properly get cores on Wilno
– Rome and the EU now get cores on Midi Pyrenees (and Rome get cores on Malta too)
– more easily formable HRE for monarchistic Germany (don’t need Victoria anymore)
– full English localisation

And many many more (will eventually post a changelog with every single change that I did – for now you can see some amateur screenshots above).
If you want other languages than English I would need some help with those.

Please post the bugs you find in the comments.

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Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger