Vanilla Formable Nations Patch

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Author: CSRZ

Last revision: 26 Mar at 17:33 UTC (13)

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updated for 1.9.1 beta patch

Unofficial patch for formable nations introduced with Waking the Tiger and La Resistance. Should be compatible with the majority of other mods, as it only includes events and decisions. Now updated with formable Soviet Union.

– scripting fixes for all of the 21 formable nations introduced in WTT and La Resistance and never fixed by Paradox
– restored missing formable nations of China (available for the warlords and Communist China when under Zhang Lan) and Germany (available for West and East Germany),
– immersive decision chain for historical communist China allowing it to transform from the Soviet Zone, through United Front and Communist Party of China into the People’s Republic of China when the requirements are met,
– formable Soviet Union for the Soviet Republics and formable Yugoslavia for the states within Yugoslavia,
– Social Republic of Italy can be formed when Italy capitulates to the Allies while being a part of faction together with Germany,
– UNFORM EVENTS (formable nation will drop it’s cosmetic tag when the formation requirements are not met anymore while at peace),
– new decision chain for the European Union (you don’t need the Eastern Germany to form it, but you can core it later),
– uncensored images for formable nations,
– decisions for the Soviet Union to achieve it’s post-WW2 historical borders after the conditions are met (these will greatly reduce the border gore in post-WW2 eastern europe),
– vanilla bug fixes (restored the missing gfx for Poland-Lithuania and Greater Germany, formable decisions fixes -wrong provinces cored etc.),

La Resistance update:
– PARTY NAMES now change dynamically when country forms and reverts to standard party names when it unforms!
– Catalonia, Navarra and Galicia can now form Spain
– fix for Spanish independent communists (they didn’t load their unique P.O.U.M. flag in vanilla, but if you play with this mod you will have it)
– fixes for Polynesia (Fiji can also form it now – replaced an Arabian (sic!) decision picture with the pacific picture)
– fixes for Al-Andalus (scripting bug fixes, added new unique Al-Andalus decision picture instead of Arabian one)
– a ton of new Spanish cosmetic tags to cover all parts of the focus trees as well as the historical flags of Nationalist Spain

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