Vanilla Formable Nations Patch

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Author: CSRZ

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Unofficial patch for formable nations introduced with Waking the Tiger. Should be compatible with the majority of other mods. Now updated with Formable Yugoslavia, Greater Hungary, Italian Social Republic and more…

– bug fixes for all 19 vanilla formable nations allowing proper provinces to be cored when forming a nation
– UNFORM EVENTS – majority of formable nations will collapse after they lose control over territories that were required to form them
– formable Republic of China (available for the warlords as well as communist China when under Zhang Lan – fixed a bug where Zhang Lan couldn’t do nothing in vanilla)
– formable united Germany (available for West Germany and East Germany)
– formable Yugoslavia (available for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia)
– formable Greater Hungary (available for Hungary in case where Hungarian player picked "Proclaim Greater Hungary" focus for the first time and then unformed because of the required territory loss)
– formable France for Vichy France (allowing VIchy player to relocate from Vichy to Paris after axis won the WWII and the German occupation ends)
– formable Italian Social Republic (available for Italy after it capitulates when in faction with Germany)
– formable Soviet Union (available for Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgystan if Soviet Union/Russia doesn’t exist anymore)
– alternative ability to release Slovakia when you control Bratislava (human player only)
– alternative ability to release West Germany when you control Frankfurt (human player only)
– alternative ability to release East Germany when you control Berlin (human player only)
– restored missing/censored graphics (for the Polish Commonwealth and Greater German Reich)
– Soviet Union can reform to it’s post-1945 borders through the new decision category after puppeting eastern european countries (see screenshots above)
– immersive decision chain for communist China transforming from Soviet China through United Front, Communist Party of China and into PRC with unique and historical flags
– Poland now has a choice of losing the eastern lands and forming modern Poland or restoring the complete Commonwealth
– new decisions for DDR and the Soviet Union to heavily reduce border gore after the war
– new decisions for the European Union – now you don’t need the eastern Germany to form the EU (which is historically correct), but you can integrate these territories later
– many incomprehensible formable nations requirements fixed (ex. Rome, Persia, Ottoman Empire etc.)
– Baltic States now properly get cores on Wilno
– Rome and the EU now get cores on Midi Pyrenees (and Rome gets cores on Malta too)
– more easily formable HRE for monarchistic Germany (don’t need Victoria anymore)
– full English and Russian localisation

– should be combatible with other mods as long as they don’t change the map (add new provinces etc.) – the mod was intended to be compatible with 1.7 map version after Man the Guns
This mod was intended only to fix bugs and restore missing features that should’ve been in vanilla hoi4. I won’t add stuff like new provinces or add new tags.

Please post the bugs you find in the comments.

Thanks @magistrat70 for helping with the russian translation of this mod.

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Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger