Selectable Leader Portraits

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Authors: Dominus Imperator, YoanMeister

Last revision: 12 Jul at 17:08 UTC (2)

File size: 18.7 MB

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The Selectable Leader Portrait Mod

This mod allows you to change the portrait of your leader whenever you choose! Simply open the Portriat Menu, found in the Politics Menu, then select a portrait you would like to use!

Update: v1.04
New Leader Portraits:
– Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
– Ismet Inönü
– Ignacy Mościcki

Update: v1.03
Added Aditional Artwork:
– Adolf Hitler
– Stanley Baldwin
– Édouard Daladier
– Benito Mussolini
– Alf Landon
New Leader Portraits:
– Wilhelm III
– Victoria

Update: v1.02
– Added British Fascist Leader Oswald Mosley
– Added British Neutrality / Facist Leader Edward VIII
– Added German Neutrality Leader Kaiser Wilhem II
– Added Alf Landon

Update: v1.01
– Added Charles de Gaulle for Free France
– Added Harry S. Truman after Roosevelt death


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