Old World Blues Expanded+: Shattered Wasteland

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Author: Angelblue1032

Last revision: 27 Jun at 16:39 UTC

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Welcome to Old World Blues Expanded+! This submod goes above and beyond, bringing you content from not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 other Old World Blues submods as well as my own! :O
*Note: You will still need the Old World Blues mod and Shattered Wasteland to use this*

These submods are…:
Jef’s OWB- Enclave Reborn
Shudderfly’s OWB – Victoria Legacy: Reloaded with work by Valormic and Supersock2114
Aquila_21’s Arroyo Mod (Old but still works)
Zusk’s Yakuza Rising Mod

Most Recent Update: 1.7.1 Update

As well as my own submod that adds Canada and Mexico to the game along with 7 generic nations.
*Canada may get unique focuses, just not right now.*

Required items:

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