Old World Blues Expanded+: Shattered Wasteland

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Author: Angelblue1032

Last revision: 11 Oct at 15:37 UTC (11)

File size: 129.69 MB

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Welcome to Old World Blues Expanded+! This submod goes above and beyond, bringing you content from not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 other Old World Blues submods as well as my own! :O
*Note: You will still need the Old World Blues mod and Shattered Wasteland to play this.*

These submods are…:
Jef’s OWB- Enclave Reborn
Aquila_21’s Arroyo Mod
Zusk’s Yakuza Rising Mod
Supersock21114’s New Victoria Focus Tree
As well as my own submod that adds Canada to the game along with 2 generic nations.
*Canada may get unique focuses, just not right now.*

Most Recent Update: Most Recent Update: Updates to the Rangers, Brotherhood of Steel and Reno focus trees, so the leaders should all work now. HMS Justice should be fixed.

Thanks to the OWB team and CaesarVincens for their help!