USA States Mod

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Authors: FαsζιsτΤΗαΝΘs, W I L L Y, Ryan

Last revision: 19 Jul at 21:20 UTC (4)

File size: 4.52 MB

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The ever-so popular USA STATES mod went offline after 1.6.* went online so I revived it. Currently, the mod is stable and has US states and Canadian provinces. We have many plans for the mod and have things currently in the works. We only have 1 coder so anyone who can help will be greatly appreciated and welcomed into our community! We also have a discord for people who love the mod or want to help develop it. (Looking for people who know how to mod)


Currently Includes:

All American states independent countries
Canadian Provinces independent countries
Focus Tree for Texas. North Carolina, Virginia, and New York
Random Ideology Selection for states
All World Countries
Only States Mode

Future Features:

Largest cities in each state
Correcting capitals
More focuses
More accurate population
Fixing Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut provinces

Currently in Development:

North Carolina Tree
South Carolina Tree
Maryland Tree
Accurate Cities
us US usa USA states STATES 50 fifty FIFTY american american United States united states Canada provinces seperated


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.