USA States ( With Canada and Mexico States)

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Authors: FascistThanos, cfc324, Lifey, Sergeant Murica, Ryan

Last revision: 12 Oct at 18:12 UTC (12)

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Until the next Hearts of Iron DLC that comes out, we will be limiting map edits. Hearts of Iron DLC we’ve seen in the past such as Man the Guns, have edited states and provinces, which will undoubtedly break our current map. When the DLC comes out, the mod will be outdated for a few weeks. We will try our best to get the update out as soon as possible, but with large DLC we have a lot to fix that will be overwritten. We’re still taking map suggestions, but understand that they will most likely not be implemented until the new DLC comes out.
USA States Development Team

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New In This Update

Changelog 9.0


-Ohio Focus Tree
-New Florida Naval Tree
-Quebec Focus Tree
-California Communist Path
-New GFX for focus trees
-More Fall of cities events
-Generic Leaders/Portraits
-New Ideologies (Theocracy, Socialism, and Monarchy)


-AI to focus on different troop types
-Supply Areas


-Virginia Focus Tree
-Great Lakes Regions


-AI division spamming

We hope you guys enjoy 9.0 and make sure to join our discord to report any bugs!
Expect a Quebec focus tree in the next update very shortly!

Please report any bugs you guys may find!
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Currently Includes:

All American states independent countries
Canadian Provinces independent countries
Mexican States independent countries
Focus Tree for Texas. North Carolina, Virginia, New York, and Kansas
Random Ideology Selection for states (Without focus trees)
All World Countries Mode
Only States Mode
Formable Nations
Portraits for all US States

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