Carpet Bombing

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Author: OneDead Gloom

Last revision: 12 Jul at 16:57 UTC (1)

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The proudly alternative verison of the Carpet Bombing Effects mod

This mod changes the GFX of the bombs to make it seem that they are dropping multiple bombs over a province. This mod has full permission from Steven’s Carpet Bombing Effects mod so this mod is NOT stealing it’s idea and or files. The mod will be updated after any update.


• Carpet bombing in it’s full glory.
• Compatible with any mod as long it does not change bomb.asset file
• Fancy text description


(Won’t likely happen anymore, I’m graduating and what not but hey enjoy the carpet bombing effect)
1. Air raid Siren
2. Better bombing sounds
3. AA gun effects (may not be possible)

Now go bomb london.


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.