World Ablaze BETA (4.4)

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Authors: ~TAB~ Uncharted, Socialist Tsar

Last revision: 19 Sep at 15:19 UTC (19)

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Beta for Version 4.4

This mod features upcoming updates for the Main mod World Ablaze, released in small chunks. The aim is to hopefully balance the update and catch any bugs before releasing it to the main mod.


Since this is a beta version expect it to be updated many times, have the occasional crash and break save games. For the official release version (with full description) check:

Discord Server:


Beta Features:

Generic Focus tree rework Stage 1:

  • Most minor countries start with Agrarian Economy
  • Focuses that give free factories require different levels of total factories beforehand

USA Focus tree rework Stage 2:

  • A Complete overhaul of the political path
  • A Complete overhaul of the Military path
  • A Complete overhaul of the Industry path

Soviet Union Focus tree rework Stage 2:

  • Reduced Infrastructure across the Soviet Union and Eastern Poland
  • Drastically Reduced Infrastructure across the Urals
  • Starting units start with slightly less equipment, starting production starts with full efficiency
  • Overhauled 2nd and 3rd Five Year Plan
  • A Complete overhaul of the cultural path
  • A Complete overhaul of the military path
  • A Complete overhaul of the communist path
  • A Complete overhaul of the diplomacy path

German Focus tree rework Stage 2.5:

  • Integrate war economies seizes Romanian oil and Hungarian Aluminium
  • Add ReichKommisarts to all conquered territory
  • ReichsKommisarts are their own country
  • New focuses for Germany to puppet all axis members
  • New focus for German to split yugoslavia and greece historically among the Axis

Unique Air Tech Tree:

  • Added multirole Jets

Unique Tank Tech Tree:

  • Most German heavy tanks moved up by 1 year. Army innovations 2 provides heavy tank boost
  • Added Romanian tanks
  • More techs for boosting tanks ability to fight in naval invasions
  • Commonwealth nations tank tree
  • Slightly nerfed speed for modern tanks

Balance Changes:

  • Disarmed Nation gives a -50% construction speed to military buildings
  • USA selective training act requires 30% WS. Giant wakes requires 50% WS
  • USA starts with 26 more civilian factories
  • USA focuses to reduce great depression and Giant wakes now requires world tension
  • Wartime industry has received a very large buff and shadow industry has received a small buff
  • Economic laws up to partial mobilization now uses 5% more consumer goods
  • Minimum manpower for training reduced from 50k to 20k
  • Aerial minelaying is swapped with degaussing
  • Generic Land doctrine bonuses from Military theorists now give +4% research speed not 7%
  • Mandatory army service gives 0.02 army XP daily and Ministry of Labor now all cost 150 PP
  • Incentivize Employability opportunities now requires regular PP and gives 0.5 recruit able pop not 1
  • Japan’s national mobilization law now adds mandatory army service instead of war economy
  • Remove Marco Polo incident national spirit for Japan
  • Alot of German NF’s have their time halved allowing naval focuses to be completed earlier
  • Occupation costs more PP and harshest occupation still gives less factories (incentivizes puppets)
  • Changed base land reinforce rate from 0.3 to 0.1
  • Reduced the HP of motorized and Leg infantry
  • China starts with more equipment for its divisions
  • Refusing Slovakian independence in Fate of Czechoslovakia will result in a temporary PP drain
  • Early T34 and KV have had a slight rebalance to make the KV more favorable
  • All military buildings gain quicker build speed per infrastructure. Base cost has slightly increased
  • All Italian military focuses require triumph in Africa, new events if war with ethiopia takes long
  • Italian starting units start with much less equipment
  • Reduce slots for division designer to 5×4
  • VP’s now give 50% more resistance strength
  • Dive bomber CAS have a 50% increase in ground attack
  • Air Superiority reduces enemy defense by 50% rather than 35%
  • Pocket defense gives -20% out of supply rather than -40%
  • Green Infantry now give -75% battle modifier
  • Removed Minstry of Foreign Affairs, Replaced with Economic Fatigue
  • Guerilla Warfare gives breakthrough and defense at the expense of alot of soft and hard attack
  • Supply Consumption reductions have been reduced by 50% in the land doctrine tree
  • Disruption chance has been reduced by a factor of 4
  • Chinese ineffective Bureaucracy gives -0.5 pp rather than reduced recruit able manpower
  • Replaced inflation with Economy fatigue for China
  • Whampoa Military Academy gives 10 army XP and Army reform takes 30 days each time
  • Economy Fatigue does not reduce factory output
  • Economy Fatigue adds extra debuff to civilian factory construction speed
  • Economy Fatigue provides 5% consumer goods for every 20 levels up to 20%
  • Economy Fatigue starts reducing stability at anything above 50% Fatigue
  • Economy Fatigue starts reducing war support drastically at 100%
  • Air Agility can reduce up to a maximum of 70% air damage rather than 45%


  • Vichy France will be its own country and will start neutral
  • Add Vichy events + news events
  • Nationalist Spain will be its own country
  • Nationalist Spain will start with more events and generals
  • Danzig is its own country
  • Republican Italy is its own country
  • USA gets events that raises War support depending on how well Japan is doing
  • New AI modifiers so Spain and China dont join factions during civil war
  • Iraq will have its historical fascist uprising with events
  • Secure Iran focus will now feature events with Soviet Union
  • Romania will flip to the comintern if the Axis is losing
  • Yugoslavian Uprising in 1944
  • Revamped early industrial focuses for Italy
  • Event for Denmark to transfer Greenland
  • 30 new artworks for tanks and planes
  • New Patrol Icon
  • Licensing equipment does not cost factories
  • Added Agrarian Economy (alot of minor nations start with this)
  • Added National Socialism
  • Spread Agrarian Society to lots of minor countries, reducing there recruitable manpower
  • Continuation war has more events

New Resources:

  • Coal (factories and some equipment use this)
  • Bauxite (used to create aluminium via buildings)
  • Iron (used to create steel via buildings)
  • New buildings to turn Iron and Bauxite into Aluminium and Iron into Steel

Map Changes:

  • Turn Most Major European city provinces into 5 provinces
  • Madrid, Paris. Berlin, London, Stalingrad, Moscow and Leningrad are now 5 province cities
  • New states in Germany
  • New states in USA
  • Split Macedonia and Serbia to create 3 new states
  • Split North and South Korea to make 4 new states
  • Military and Civilian Factories have been split into half of their output
  • Complete overhaul of all starting factories for all nations
  • Gibraltar is much smaller in the map
  • Forts and Airbases will appear slightly smaller on the map


This mod is incompatible with the majority of mods especially concerning the AI, States and Tech tree’s with the main exception being graphical changes to the UI


All art is created by me and I would greatly appreciate if you could check out my deviant art page for more of my work: