World Ablaze BETA (5.0)

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Authors: ~TAB~ Uncharted, Socialist Tsar

Last revision: 13 Nov at 20:30 UTC (44)

File size: 513.81 MB

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Beta for Version 5.0

This mod features upcoming updates for the Main mod World Ablaze, released in small chunks. The aim is to hopefully balance the update and catch any bugs before releasing it to the main mod.


Since this is a beta version expect it to be updated many times, have the occasional crash and break save games. For the official release version (with full description) check:

Discord Server:


Beta Features:



This mod is incompatible with the majority of mods especially concerning the AI, States and Tech tree’s with the main exception being graphical changes to the UI


All art is created by me and I would greatly appreciate if you could check out my deviant art page for more of my work: