Hitler Turns on Creative Mode

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Author: Pablo

Last revision: 26 Oct, 2019 at 19:35 UTC (6)

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What if…

Hitler got into Creative Mode?!

A bit of Backstory:
While screaming in the 179th Hitler rant Parody, Hitler threw his pencils so hard that he opened a settings menu. Confused, he played madly with the setting until he turned it into German. He discovered that his world was actually a simulation of what had actually happened in real life. He knew that all of this was pointless so he did the only thing that only Hitler would do!

Rig it!

This Mod is a completly broken version of the game that virtually makes Germany unbeatable. This Mod was designed for everyone, new and old, too enjoy some good old Memes.

This Mod includes:

OP National Focuses
OP Idea’s
The Abiltiy to have unlimited factories
The Ability to have an undefeatable Army, Airforce, and Navy
The Ability to have a cool spicy Italian Ally
and an OP Hitler!

Crush your Soviet Rivals or turn the Entire world Fascist.

Have Chamberlin appease your every whim.

Make Benito Competant!

Fight in the Twitch Civil War!


Kaiserriech focus Path Completed! (Requires Waking the Tiger)

Democratic Path due for another Time (Perhaps for one of the Goals Below)

Subscriber Goals and Nonsubscriber Goals:
Bokoen1 in Denmark (50) Completed
ISP in Belgium (100) Completed
Pewdipie in Sweden (150) Completed
Shrek in Switzerland (On my own Time) Completed
Life of Boris in Russia (200) Completed
Chef Boyardee in Italy (250) Completed
Loli Land (On my own Time) Completed
Vanada (On my own Time) Completed
Terror Island (On my own Time) Completed
Twitch (On my own Time) Completed
Doki Dokia (On my own Time) Completed
Undertalia (On my own Time) Completed
Fazberia (On my own Time) Completed
Anime Japan (300) Completed
!Bonus for 1000 Visits! Emirichu in Manchuria Completed
Remove Kebab Yugoslavia (350) Completed
Winter War Memes in Finland (400) Completed
Reddit in Austria (On my own Time) Completed
♥♥♥♥♥ in Hungary (On my own Time) Completed
Rimmy in Austrlia (450) Completed
Custom Focus Names and Descriptions (500) Reached/In Progress
Tumblr Romania (550) Completed
Cdawgva Menguko (600) Completed
Tseries India (650) Completed
The Nether in the Netherlands (700) Completed
Furrotsundere in Czechoslovakia(750)Completed
Odd1sOut in China (800)
Tsundere in Slovakia (850) Completed
Anchovy in Albania (900) Completed
Monopoly man in Greece (950)
Custom Events (1000)

ATTENTION! Pls give me your Ideas in the Comments for Goals above!

Things too be added:
More Slav Memes
Different Nation Colors
and your Ideas!

If people want me too make a version of the mod without the Memes or with more, I will probally do it.

Pls Enjoy!

(This is my first Mod so pls don’t hurt me, k?)

All Flags, Images, and References in this Mod are not Mine and belong too there rightful owners.

Graphics in the images is the Darkest Hour Graphics Mod