Anime no Sekai

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Authors: Starguard, Aurora

Last revision: 9 Apr at 13:46 UTC (27)

File size: 636 MB

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A new era dawns, a world of anime unveiled

Anime no Sekai has been updated to be compatible with 1.9! New portraits have also been added! Now we are working on the spy portraits!

Note! If you see this mod (and any other of your mods) outdated despite being stated by the author as up to date, put all your subscribed mods into a collection, unsubscribe all of them, delete what is written in mods_registry.json (Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV), delete all ugc files for the mods made by other authors (Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV/mod), and then reinstall all of your previous mods at once through the collection. Hope this helps!

Anime no Sekai is one of the prominent anime mods in Hearts of Iron IV by not only filling every single portrait with an anime counterpart, but also focus on compatibility, consistency, beauty, and to a significant extent, historical accuracy, appealing to a wide range of anime tastes!

Despite the plethora of anime mods, both large and small, on the workshop, we have, still are, and will do our best to bring about a qualitative anime experience when playing Hearts of Iron IV.

Do join our friendly Discord[] community and chat with the developers of this mod! You can also get a more direct response there if you have any more questions not yet answered below!

Featured Updates

2.0 has arrived! In the next big expansion for Anime no Sekai, we have completed all the news event pictures, added a bunch of advisors, and did ace GFXes! Enjoy!

All spy portraits have been added! Enjoy all the new spy waifus who will infiltrate enemy countries on behalf of your glorious nation!

Current version: Anime no Sekai 2.1.5 "Dawn of Anime"

"Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Waifu" – totally not me

> Portraits all countries!
> Immersive portrait selection. Our high beauty standards are made with consistency and historical immersion in mind!
> Custom and immersive main theme from Re:Zero. A separate music mod can be found here!
> Anime advisors for many countries!
> More than 15 wallpapers which conform to the portraits selected for the mod itself!
> Custom animefied event pictures!
> Custom voices for divisions
> Custom ace GFXes!
> Custom UI, with more coming up as the mod expands!

It is recommended to use DLCs with this mod since it brings about more beautiful waifus to play as!

In the order of top priority to lowest priority:

> Completion of all remaining portraits in the game. (approximate completion: December 2019) Done!
> Immersive event pictures. (approximate completion of the rest: February 2020) Done!
> Minister portraits for every country! (approximate completion: April 2020)
> Custom voices for divisions (approximate completion of the rest: TBA)
> Custom 3D model waifus replacing the soldiers (TBA)

Is this mod compatible for multiplayer?
This is a graphics only mod so it will work. Multiplayer compatibility also means Ironman compatibility.

Is this mod save game compatible?
See above (so yes it should work as well). You can load a save game and anime portraits will replace the normal ones.

What if HOI4 gets updated?
We’ll get to work as soon as possible and roll out an update.

When ‘till the next update?
When it’s ready. We’ll ensure that updates get released in a finished state.

Will there be animated portraits?
No. Though it is possible that we might experiment with such but in another mod.

Will the male names turn into female names?
No since a significant amount of portraits are art with no character name and changing names will also break Ironman compatibility.

Who is the girl/source for x? (plus loading screen source)
You can ask for the girl/source in our Discord server. The complaints committee will handle such matters.

I have discovered a bug/missing portrait/etc.!
Check on our Discord and submit your issue to the complaints committee or just lodge it in the comments below.

Can I help?
You can help us by giving feedback and suggestions. Do so in our Discord.

Do note that we cannot address any issues related to pirated copies of Hearts of Iron IV.

The Star Empire Team
Starguard – Lead Developer
Aurora – Vice Developer
Erika and Hiyajo Maho.

…and all the artists who made this mod (and pretty much other anime mods) possible!