KR Submod: Sensible Byzantine Restoration

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Author: OfficerCrabtree

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While Greece has one of the more detailed focus trees in Kaiserreich and certainly in the Balkans, there isn’t really a reward for ‘winning’, beating the Bulgarians and Ottomans and fulfilling the Megali idea. However, I didn’t want to make a meme mod where you can get cores on territory which haven’t had a Greek population for centuries. This mod allows you to resurrect the Byzantine empire, but mostly in name. You can get cores on the Asia Minor coast, as there was still a considerable Greek minority in this area in KR (the OTL population exchanges haven’t taken place).


An event that allows you to declare yourself the successor to Byzantium. It requires you to be a kingdom (you must have either king Alexandros, Georios or Pavlos) and own (not control) Constantinople. You can’t have a Syndicalist aligned goverment, although you might get away with electing the Agrarians (I haven’t actually tested this).

An event about restoring the Hagia Sofia to an Orthodox church. It gives some stability and war support, but is mostly there for flavour.

An event about Greek mobs terrorising Turks in Constantinople and Asia Minor.

An event about refugees from Russia if a civil war breaks out or if the Bolsheviks take over or from Ukraine it goes Totalist.


A focus comparable to the "Greece is whole" focus for Byzantium for controlling all Greek territory.

A focus about improving infrastructure in the newly conquered territories.

A focus giving some factories in the newly conquered territories.

A focus replacing the "Legacy of Alexander" idea with a better version if you core all Greek territory.


Three decisions for war crimes ‘culture conversion’ of the Asia minor coast. In order to have these decisions available, you MUST have let the Russian / Ukrainian refugees in.


The Kaiserreich team for making an amazing mod.


There might still be some bugs, please report them so I can fix them as soon as possible.

This mod alters the Greek events, decisions and focus tree, so the mod should be compatible with anything that doesn’t alter any of those.

Allergy information: may contain traces of Byzantophealia

The mod is now updated for 1.8 and the KR China update.

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