The New Latvian Awakening

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Authors: 󠀡sven the danish citizen, Thinking_waffle

Last revision: 18 Sep, 2019 at 17:31 UTC

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Hello! This is a a country overhaul mod for Latvia
-New generals
-Whole new custom national focus tree for latvia
-Historical Event chains
-Awesome GFX including portraits focus icons and national spirits
-And More!

FYI i made this tree for R56 however i decided to release it independently, so please do not use this with R56

If you have any suggestions or find bugs please tell me in the comments

-Thinking_Waffle: Non political trees
-Abbus: Krisjanis Berkis, Nikolajs Duze, Oto Grosbarts and Ludvigs Bolsteins Portraits
-FacundoSim: Teodors Spade and Zanis Bahs portraits
-Jrburton001 and BlueFoxy: Various Icons
-Scarecroww: Alberts Kviesis Portrait