Red Flood

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Authors: Rapop101, Mrcoalabear

Last revision: 26 Sep, 2019 at 11:06 UTC

File size: 187.58 MB

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Welcome to the Red Flood Alpha. Red Flood explores a world where Russia won the Russo Japanese war in 1905 and a early world war war in 1913. This world where no one gained from the war has a completely different Europe from the base game.

Play as National Surrealist France and get revenge for your losses in the war, play Germany and spread the revolution, Russia and support the reign of Kolchak or crush it, Britain and try to defend your collapsing Empire or any other of the dozens of nations available.

Nations with content are
Anhui Clique
Imperial Authority

As this mod is a alpha not all paths are done and there are quite a few bugs which make the mod unstable, so do report them when found. Play the mod at your own risk.

Check our Reddit for further updates and development diaries for the mod
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