The Road to 56

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Authors: Greatexperiment, JudgeAlfred,, Plutozz, Thinking_waffle
Last revision: 9 Jul at 20:49 UTC


Good Afternoon!

Road to 56 is a frankenstein of mods that has been riveted together for your convenience and pleasure. Here are the lovely details:

New Focuses

  • Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Free France, Germany, Greece, Hondura, Indonesia, Italy, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Ruthenia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Siam, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tibet, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the USA have all been overhauled with new events and shenanigans.

Expanded Tech Tree

  • Now your scientists will earn their pay and keep working until the end of the war.

Timeline Extension

  • The game runs to 1956. I mean, you were expecting that. Right?

Enhanced Non-Historical Outcomes

  • Road to 56 is all about alternate history and giving you lots of options to make a new world. If you want to run a purely historical game, this is not the mod for you.

…and More!

  • New units, troop experience system, expanded difficulty modifiers, new releasable nations, more lovely laws, and a whole bunch of other things that will make you more popular at parties.

This is what’s next:

  • Content compatibility with 1.5 – specific decisions, nameslists, and similar.
  • Even more bugs

Yes, I’m single. We just met though. Isn’t it a bit fast?

Serious note: Use other mods with ’56 at your own risk. Support is not provided for issues related to conflicts.

Use the Bug Reports thread to post about your issues. There are many solutions to be found there. The main thread here is not for reporting bugs!

Also, you should try some of the following if you’re having issues:

  • Check the other mods you’re using. There’s a very high chance this is the cause.
  • Purge your cache
  • Restart your computer
  • Start a new save file

Feel free to contact us!

  • Greatexperiment: The Original Dude. 110% likely to be the guy.
  • Thinking_Waffle: The most historical of all.
  • JudgeAlfred: Don’t ask him about Aksum. Just, really.
  • Indyclone77: Sooty Fan #3
  • SpicyAlfredo: Knows far too much about Canadian hockey, apparently.
  • Plutozz: Master of Updates

There’s also a Discord, if that’s your sort of thing:

I’ve set up a repository on GitHub and anyone can now contribute. Small submissions and bug fixes are especially welcome. Please be sure to very carefully follow the readme, and contact me (Greatexperiment!) on Discord if you have questions or comments.

Thanks! Have a wonderful day!

p.s. For those that fear change, there is a 1.4.* version of the mod. It isn’t supported or updated, but you can still try it out if you want. Ye Olde 56