Kommissarreich (1.7.*)

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Authors: Sabretooth Development Team, Duffy

Last revision: 28 Oct, 2019 at 04:36 UTC

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Is a complete overhaul of the base game with custom music, custom countries, a custom map and has a very unique scenario.

During the start of the Great War, the USA lead by Teddy Roosevelt in his second presidency, enters the war against Germany earlier than OTL. But due to the early entrance in the war, the USA is less prepared and mobilized and the Allies take a much longer time being able to supply others against the Central Powers than they are at keeping up with their own supply demands. The Russian Revolution kicked off with a successful coup. The Romanov family, and the majority of the Military Staff that were not willing to support the Reds, are purged entirely.

Without strong leadership the Whites are crushed very easily and are only able to hide behind the Urals until the Soviets are done with their problems in Europe. Due to the Soviet victory the Hungarian Soviet succeeds in its defense against Romania and Serbia. The Red Finns win their civil war and push the White Finns into the Baltic. The Soviets steamroll the Baltic States which lacked support from the Germans who were defending tooth and nail from the Allied advanced. Leon Trotsky was hailed as the greatest Soviet general to yet when they crushed the Polish and Ukrainian invasion with an iron fist.

After the treaty of Versailles, the Germans entered a brief state of unrest with the remaining monarchy before plunging into brutal civil war. The Monarchists, Conservative-Democratic Coalition, and Communists butchered each other in brutal fratricide. But in the end the Communists under Rosa Luxemburg and her right hand man Karl Liebknecht prevailed. The Germans participated in the Anschluss, the division of Austria between Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary, and Germany. Even though the Communists succeeded against the Allies further pressuring them for money, they still lost Schleswig-Holstein to Denmark and lost the Rhine to the newly formed Rhine Republic which harbors many White Guards and the former Conservative-Democrat coalition.

The Italians and Greek won Allied favoritism in Versailles after the Allies saw the crushing defeat of Romania, and the prevention of unification between Serbia and Croatia. The Greeks and Italians fought hard to conquer the Turkish coast. Especially with help from French and Kurds. With what little territory the Turks had left they fell to a communist coup along with the Bulgarians who fell to a second Anarchist Coup, joining the Soviet Union.

( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Russian_Revolution ) (Thank you Leon Trotsky, Full Credit)

‣ Custom national spirits.
‣ Custom focus trees.
‣ 159,342 lines of code.
‣ Custom flags for each individual Organisation.
‣ Strong multiplayer compatibility.
‣ Events and unique descriptions for all scenarios.
‣ Extremely talented coders and hard workers.
‣ Immersive year and correct timeline.

Nations with focus trees: USA, UK, GER, SOV.

‣ Custom unit voices for all current Organisations.

‣ Red Army Choir
‣ Dschinghis Khan Moskau 1979
‣ Echelon song
‣ German Democratic Republic
‣ Oh Fields My Fields
‣ Moscow Nights
‣ Rush For Berlin
(15+ Songs Included besides these, This only Scratches the Surface!-All Custom :D)

(Disclaimer, the music information bar currently does not show the active song for some odd reason-just ignore it.)

Current version: K6 (Kelon 6)
Compatible with: Version 1.7.*
Supported languages:
‣ English.

Important Links:
Sabretooth Development – ( https://discord.gg/B5rvnVp )

Recommended setup:
‣ Most other mods will most likely not work with ours.
‣ Very unique UI for the environment.
‣ Resolution of 1920×1080.
‣ UI scale of 1.0 (default).

Known Errors:
Currently we know of no known errors please contact us directly via discord or use our bug reporting system within this workshop unit.
(Tech Tree is Still being Worked on, Give us time) (Also i know there is a bunch of graphical glitches tryna fix em)

Sabretooth Development – Kommissarreich Development Team:

Credit to everyone associated within the development team check discord.

Artist credits:
Wikipedia – Pictures for Portraits.
Google – Pictures and Loading Screens.

Out-Sourced Assets:
Oswald Mosley – GFX.
Spice – Fatherland base and support.
SWF – Coding Assistance.
Tanto – For his focus trees and inability to spell.
Barthout Van Den Dorp – For letting me steal his ♥♥♥♥ tree.
St. Bernard of Clairvaux – "Vocal Support".

Game credits:
We give credit to the studio of HOI4 and its affiliates for making it possible for this mod to exist.

We do not work with or affiliate with the makers of Kommissarreich – We are fan made.

Please Rate and Favorite the mod, Thank you and Enjoy!