GSP’s National Decorations

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*** Updated for Husky/La Resistance v 1.9.0 ***
Changed Staff Schools and War Colleges to be shorter duration, cheaper, and mutually exclusive – no War College can be started while Staff School is in session.
There is also a ‘black-out’ period for both schools – after Staff Scool finishes, you must wait 90 days before starting another Staff Scool session.
Leaders must be unassigned to go to either school, and must attend Staff School to be eligable for War Collegs.

Makes 7 medals available to decorate Major countries’ Generals and Marshals using Decisions or a through trait assignment (uses Command Power).
Each medal gives a small boost to a Generals’s promotion cost, army morale, planning, and experience variables.
As a General gets awarded each Medal, the bonus amounts stack.
Minor countries have only 3 of the decorations available, awarded the same way to all (qualified) Generals through decisions or a single general in trait assignment.
All countries get a Wound Medal, which can be awarded while a General is wounded, NOT sick.
All countries also have "Staff School" and "War College" for Generals and Marshals that qualify.
The Medals give boosts to promotion cost, army morale, planning, and experience.
The Wound Medal increases Army Morale, increases promotion chance, and adds the "War Hero" trait for the general..
Each Medal has a unique graphic. Most are somewhat historic, except Germany, because when you make the icons that small, all the Knight’s Crosses look alike.
So I made some stuff up.

Thats all.

All nations – Staff School and War College plus Wound Awards.

USA – Bronze Star, Silver Star, D.S. Cross, Medal of Honor, and Purple Heart (Wound).

ENG – Military Cross, D.S. Cross, D.S. Order, Victoria Cross, and Wound (Stripe).

FRA – Croix du Combattant, Croix de la Valeur Militaire, French Croix de Guerre, Ordre de la Légion d’Honneur, and Wound Medal.

SOV – Order of the Red Banner, Order of Lenin, Hero of the Soviet Union, Order of Victory, and Wound Medal.

ITA – War Cross of Military Valor, Silver Medal for Valor, Gold Medal for Valor, Military Order of Italy, and Wound Medal.

JAP – Order of the Golden Kite 4th Class, OGC 3rd Class, OGC 2nd Class, and OGC 1st Class, Wound Medal.

GER – War Cross, Bronze Cross, Iron Cross, Knight’s Cross, and Wound Badge.

All major countries get the same boosts for level 1, 2, 3, 4, and wound medal.

The minor countries all get the same boosts, but only 2 and less total boost than majors.

If a minor nation general gets absorbed into a major nation (Austria->Germany), the general keeps any decorations and can add the major nation’s medals also.


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