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Author: CrypticCod3r

Last revision: 14 Aug, 2018 at 02:34 UTC

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Those sick shades give his territories magical starting power.


Has 8 research slots, instead of 4.
Starts with all technology.

Modifies all starting states so that each one:
Has 100,000,000 manpower
Has 1,000 of each resource
Is a core state of Germany
Has Buildings:
Radar level 3
Infrastructure level 10
Air Base level 10
Anti-Air level 5
All (existing) Naval Bases (ports/harbors) and forts level 10
15 (or possibly max) of each: Dockyards and Civilian and Military Factories


Photo of Rad Hitler courtesy: Bob (Boblik) Wellston
By the way, the mod dependency is not actually necessary, it just improves the aesthetics.

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