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Author: Jose Luis [spa]

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This mod avoids late game huge number of divisions and airplanes without loosing vanilla feel

Every country, included player, can only train a limited number of divisions.
Limit depends on country size and number of factories
Up to 1939 everything works vanilla. From this year training will stop when reaching the limit.

Example max divisions Germany:

1939 123 divisions with 69 military + 77 civilian factories
1940 152 divisions with 93 military + 94 civilian factories
1941 225 divisions with 143 military + 147 civilian factories (fall of France)
1942 241 divisions with 170 military + 146 civilian factories
1943 268 divisions with 183 military + 170 civilian factories
1944 290 divisions with 196 military + 188 civilian factories
1945 341 divisions with 231 military + 224 civilian factories (fall of Soviet Union)

Production penalty:

Countries with more than 80 military factories will get an increasing production penalty and an increasing construction time. These penalties avoids massive lategame fighters numbers.


Minor countries get a 30% production penalty to keep their armies small
Soviet Union gets a Motherland Defense military bonus and extra factories after losing Ukraine-Belarus to delay one year its final defeat againts Germany


A 40 width division is the same as a garrison brigade to calculate total number of divisions