Minor China Rework

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Author: Art of War

Last revision: 18 Dec, 2019 at 18:19 UTC (5)

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Originally created for myself. No guarantees to any compatibility with other mods, although graphics mods should be compatible. Waking the Tiger required. English localisation only.

Entire mod created by myself. No copying of any content from my mod without my consent. Thank you. Any suggestions and/or feedback welcome.


-Liangguang Incident (event chain)
-Suiyuan Campaign (border war)
-Battle of Shanghai event (spawns troops near and in Shanghai)

All Chinese factions:
-Reworked shared focus tree and territorial focuses
-Shortened a few focus times
-Many vanilla shared focuses are now unlocked decisions
-Made it harder for warlords to take over as leader of either nationalists or communists, for more political stability in China
-New victory points
-Changed all Chinese names to pinyin
-New game rules for Fascist Kuomintang, and Marxist or Social-democratic Communist China

Nationalist China:
-Completely reworked Democracy branch of focus tree and corresponding events
-Famine mechanic for the nationalists
-Restructured Welfare branch of focus tree
-Moved defensive war focuses to military branch
-Added new fortification, industry focuses
-Added new railroad decisions
-Fascist Nationalist China is possible with the Anti-Communism focus which grants the ability to recruit the fascist demagogue

Communist China:
-Restructured Communist focus tree
-Added infiltration behind the enemy mechanic for communist China

All Mongolian factions:
-Mongolia, Tannu Tuva are subjects of Soviet Union
-Separated Mongolia into four states

For in-depth contents of the mod please refer to change notes.

To do list:
-Chinese localisation
-Make it available for non-WtT owners
-Representation of split between the factions within the Kuomintang
-Tibet focus tree
-Tweaks to the new focuses, Manchukuo focus tree

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger

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