Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Authors: Ptschalon, Rapidsammy, <[^IsAaC^]>

Last revision: 9 Nov at 09:18 UTC

File size: 33.55 MB

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Must switch to version 1.5.4 for compatibility purposes.
For instructions to revert your game version, visit this site:

This mod is still a work in progress, I posted it to get some initial feedback.
I posted this to be a request for help from anyone that wants to continue the work on a Star Wars mod.
If you’re interested in the development of this mod, I’ve created a very small discord group located here:

This is not Hearts of Durasteel and is not meant to compete with HoD in any way. This is simply a personal project i’m working on. I am also a dev on the Hearts of Durasteel Star Wars mod located here:

Unfortunately after many hours and days of work I can no longer work on the mod on my own. If anyone could help me turn this into a great mod, please feel free to message me. It’s just too big of a project to do on my own. Please message me if you’re interested and have some good experience modding Paradox games.
*Current factions*

Playable planets *Not really playable at the moment.
-Alzoc III
The map is custom and includes around 50 planets.

Note::: High quality pixel shaders and reflections must be turned on for the star effects in the background

Flag credits: #Very cool site here