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Author: Fins_of_Finland

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Texas, the Lone Star State. Once, proud and independent, but now sucked into the United States. But all hope of the Republic being reborn is not lost; for America soon breathes her last breath. And as the Nation collapses, one shall survive, one shall be spared from the wrath of the Second American Civil War…Because there’s a Yellow Rose in Texas. America abandoned us, America shunned us, but we have the last laugh, because Texas will stay free through the bloodshed and carnage. And we will guide Texas through the struggle! So will Garner intervene to protect Texans from themselves. Will democracy triumph, under Allred, or O’Daniel, Or even good old LBJ. Will Woody Guthrie bring Socialism to Texas, or will the Oil Barons take control. Will Texas join the war, will Texas play the cards that have been dealt… Only time will tell….

Kaiserreich: Rose of Texas expanded content for Northern and Central America, featuring new paths for Texas, Mexico and Nicaragua. I have plans to expand Rose of Texas further, with content for the Panama Canal and Puerto Rico

I am also in partnership with a collection of Kaiserreich submods called Kaiserredux

Our Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/kaiserredux/

Our Discord:https: https://discordapp.com/invite/ayQJxY2


Q: How do you get an independent Texas?

A: Elect Long (Don’t form the National Unity Coalition)

1. There will be an event about Electors defying the majority in Texas, chose “They have No Legal Obligation”

2.When you get the event about Bleeding Texas, simply do Nothing

3.When James Allred wants to resign, don’t let him

4.Let the Texan Independence Movement Grow

5.Don’t Declare the Independence Referendum Illegal
(Note: This dosen’t happen until MacArthur takes over)
(Also: Remember to stay as the U.S.A)

6.Enjoy playing as Texas!

Q: How do you get the Monarchists in charge of Mexico

A: Have Zapata assassinated , have the Junta take over, restore Democracy and elect the Monarchists

I hope you enjoy playing this mod, and that it compliments Kaiserreich nicely

(Please report any bugs you may encounter)

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