Atlantis Mu Lemuria

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Authors: Shnezzberry, Abbus, Thursasprengir

Last revision: 15 Feb at 15:50 UTC (2)

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During the Middle Ages in Europe many maps and atlases were created which showed fantastic lands awaiting the Europeans just beyond the horizon. In EU III and EUIV Occultus Orbis Terrestre gave the world the opportunity to explore and fight for these new lands. Now, in HOI4, the world of OOT is plunged into the Second World War. How will these new lands and peoples react to the greatest struggle for power the world has ever known? Will Communism, Fascism, or Democracy prevail?

AML is the world which includes the once mythical lands of Atlantis, Mu, and Lemuria. Beginning with the continent of Mu, located east of Asia, the AML team is striving to bring you this world in greater depth, detail, and accuracy than ever before.
The Mu Update includes at least 30 new nations added to the world. The continent, about the size of South America, divides the once spacious Pacific into the Pacific and Austral Oceans. Mu’s climate ranges from arid desert to sweltering jungle, miasmatic marshes to dusty plains, and sun-lit beaches to frigid mountain peaks.

The cultures of the continent include colonial cultures from Europe, as well as two major blocs that are native, or semi-native, to the continent. The first of these, the Muror or People of Mu, descended from an early colonizing branch of humanity that found and filled the continent. For millennia their empires rose and fell leaving a sizable contribution to the linguistic and genetic substrates of the continent. About one thousand years ago the ancestors of the Kanagans, the Polynesians, found the continent during their daring oceanic voyages. Spurred on by this fertile and bountiful land they discovered, the Kanagans conquered everything they could, establishing nations and kingdoms up and down the coasts of the continent, pushing inland and capturing territory from the besieged Muror peoples. Lastly, during Europe’s Age of Exploration, the diseases and aggressions of the European nations brought radical changes to the continent, with colonial nations arising from mixed European, Kanagan, and Muror roots.

Which nation will you lead? How will you change the world?

30 new nations
3 unique focus trees
HOI4 style portraits
New lands, sources of resources, and battlegrounds
Many unique national units

Planned Features
More portraits
More national units
More unique focus trees

Longer Range Features
The addition of Atlantis and Atlantic Islands
The addition of Lemuria
New unit meshes for unique units

Have any questions regarding the lore? Want to report a bug or give feedback? Want to stay tuned for future updates?
Hit us up on Discord or Reddit!


Q: This mod again?
A: Well, not really again! You might remember this mod was posted a few months ago under this page. We’re reuploading for clarity! And furthermore, this is NOT a reboot; this is a direct continuation of the very first Hoi4 AML mod by Thursasprengir! We’re the real deal!

Q: Where are the other continents?
A: We haven’t forgotten about Atlantis and Lemuria! While they aren’t in the game yet, once we feel like Mu is stable enough, we will begin adding them in. We believe in a step-by-step methodology when developing our mod.

Q: I love this mod, can I help somehow?
A: Sure you can! If you’re a skilled modder, we would gladly hear you out. Just contact any of the mod team on Discord and tell us how you want to help. If modding isn’t your cup of tea, but you still want to contribute, feel free to spread the word of this mod or make some kind of fanart!


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