Führerreich: Walkyrie

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Author: Moroccan_Askari

Last revision: 17 Nov, 2019 at 02:05 UTC (2)

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Führerreich: Walkyrie is a submod for Führerreich: Legacy of the Great War.

– What if Germany WW1 ? but then Dressler gets shot and killed, which would of course not do anything because Totalitarian dictatorships with cults of personalities are extremely stable.

– The submod adds three major ways for the player to play: National Populist Goering, Von Seeckt’s Junta, and a Libertarian Socialist Germany, each one with their own goals, subpaths which include socio-economic, political and diplomatic paths.

– The Army, Navy and Airforce focuses have been reworked and updated.

– A big thanks to the people at FR, TNO and KR discord for helping me out and to @Lamounier for basically saving my mod from a laptop system crash.

– The mod is mostly done, but some polishing and correcting have to be made, paths maybe reworked and others added in the future.

– Enjoy 😀


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.