Latin America Icons

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Author: battleship101

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Welcome everyone to my second and my biggest project, hence the title. If you have any suggestions then please don’t hesitate. And this is a in progress project so stay tune for the future updates.

About This Mod
    The main goal of this mod is to add icons and names to every Latin America, whether its historical, alt-historical, semi-historical, and fictional. With that being said, I will try my best to have every country to have a unique icon as possible so concept ideas are welcome here. PS – Recently, I decided to include Portugal and Spain as well.

Future Updates
  • Infantry Equipment
  • Support Equipment
  • Tanks and including variants: Tank Destroyer, Artillery Tank, and Anti-Air Tank
  • Armored Cars (Will be added after 1.8 is released)
  • Amphibious Tanks and Mechanized
  • Motorized and Mechanized
  • Artillery, Anti-Tank Artillery, Rocket Artillery, and Anti-Air
  • Motorized Rocket Artillery
  • Missile Rockets
  • Rocket Interceptor
  • Jets
  • Navy
  • Aircraft, carrier base aircraft, and transport

Current Content
  • Argentina: Tanks/Variants, Infantry Equipment, Support Equipment, Airplanes/CVs/Jets/Transport
  • Brazil: Tanks/Variants, Mechanized/Moterized, Infantry Equipment
  • Peru: Tanks, Mechanized, Infantry Equipment

There are many countries that have just name equipments but each on the names are subjected to change. And I will not list them because its not necessary.

Current Priority

This is a list of upcoming updates in that order

  • 1st: Brazil Aircraft/jets
  • 2nd: Mexico Aircraft/Jets (A rework of the tech tree icon from the Man the Guns)
  • 3rd: Peru Aircraft/Jets
  • 4th: Chile Aircraft/Jets
  • 5th: Portugal Aircraft/Jets
  • 6th: Colombia Aircraft/Jets
  • Spain and Portugal Aircraft/Jets (It will be added after the 1.8 DLC has been released)

  • The special thanks and credit goes to idmw, Net, VFacure, and 电灯弗里曼 for allowing me to use their icons. However some of the icons they allow me to use will need a little or more work before I release it because I don’t want to simply want to copy their content, instead I will add modified icons. Basically change of color schemes and/or the shape towards historical accuracy as possible depending on the country.
  • Due to the scale of the project and the difficulty of the research, there are bound to be bugs in the near future and mistakes with the icons and the names. If you see something does not look right or if the names are incorrect, please let me know so I can fix it.

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