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Author: Euro_General

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Hello, and welcome to the Reskin submod for Equestria at war
This reskin pack will reskin almost every pony nation in the mod, it also includes the changeling country: Greneclyf

A big thank to Printik from the EAW dev team who gave me an essential tip

Here is a list of country I made a skin for:
Bakara (a sort of Marines/Naval infantry skin)
Baltimare Republic
Barrad Magocracy
Celestial State
Dread league
New Mareland
Firtree Villages
Aztlan Free State (Inspired by WWII Brazil uniform)
Lake City
Las Pegasus (American Civil war Federation army)
New Lunar republic
Disciples of The Night
Northern Tribes
River Republic (Inspiration from Yugoslavian uniform in 1940)
Confederation of Southern States (Inspiration taken from Confederate uniform)
Solar Empire (Don’t work for now, the empire country tag is the same as Equestria )
Stalliongrad (Early red army uniform)
Our town
Wittenland (Hungarian uniform WWII)

Greneclyf (A Changeling country, I inspired myself from Irish uniform from the ‘40s)

Hope you will like it!

by the creator of Escalation ’84 Submod:

Required items:

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