Soviet Broadcast: Moscow speaking

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Authors: Falkenhayn, Yellowone, MaDeR

Last revision: 23 Nov, 2019 at 23:32 UTC

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Ironman compatible. Other mods compatible.
DISCLAIMER: This mod doesn’t support or promote Communist ideology or any kind of repressions. Marxist demagogy could sound attractive, but its political practice is genocide, poverty and the suppression. All audio recordings in the mod and the text below only create a historical flavour and doesn’t promote anything. Communism is bad, we warned you.

Hello, comrades! All radio stations of the Soviet Union are working!
Explore the culture of the victorious proletariat of the Soviet Union and enjoy the flavor of the first workers’ and peasants’ country in the world with the help of our mod!
The mod contains six Soviet radio stations with different (but 100% proletarian and 100% historical!) content.

There are:
Radio Moscow Official — strengthen your faith in the power of the Communist Party and our people with Soviet patriotic songs, marches and speeches of our great leaders.
People’s Radio — "Life has become better, comrades. Life has become more cheerful" — said comrade Stalin and this station confirms this! Here you can find Russian popular music of 1920-40s years for your recreation.
Red Jazz — jazz, foxtrots and tango are the progressive music genres, which reflect spirit of Western proletariat! This music inspires Soviet musicians too! Here you can find Western-like Soviet music!
Voice of Comintern — this is the voice of Red Moscow for the proletarians of the whole world! Communist propaganda in foreign languages!
Radio Kyiv — the Ukraine is the breadbasket of the USSR. Experience the musical culture of the great Ukrainian people!
Radio Odessa — multicultural city of Odessa is a legend of the culture of the Soviet Union! Here you will find wonderful songs about this city by the sea. Songs of Soviet Jewry, which flourished under socialism, are also here.
Byelorussian Radio — Soviet Byelorussia is the frontier of Bolshevism! Its small, always calm people always stand guard over the Soviet border and are ready to wage a guerrilla war in the swamps in the event of an enemy occupation.
GULag Radio — some songs created by enemies of the people in our labour camps. Don’t listen, this is anti-Soviet propaganda!
Russian Emigration Radio — music created by bourgeois Russian artists who left Russia after the Great October Socialist Revolution. Listen, until NKVD found you!
Radio Tashkent — listen to the voice of Soviet Central Asia! This land provides our entire huge Union with cotton – and all thanks to the fact that under the Bolsheviks they made a giant leap from the feudal to the socialist formation at once! Their culture is developing no less quickly, make sure!
Radio Tbilisi — our Soviet Georgia isn’t just a homeland of the comrade Stalin, it is also a country with an ancient musical culture. Enjoy Caucasian hospitality with its great all-union loved resorts! Seat, take your wine and Hachapuri!
Azerbaijani Radio — Soviet Azerbaijan provides the entire Soviet Union with oil. Check out the achievements of the proletarian culture of this proud republic!
Armenian Radio — hear the voice of a small proud people living on the southern borderlands of our glorious Union!

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