OWB – ERB Visual Tweaks

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Author: Spart117MC

Last revision: 22 Nov, 2019 at 14:20 UTC

File size: 72.16 MB

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What is this mod?

OWB – ERB Visual Tweaks is a submod of Old World Blues and OWB – Enclave Reborn which adds unit models for the Enclave.

  • OWB 2.0 models made available for use by the Enclave
    • 11 models retextured and given Enclave liveries
    • Existing Vertibird model applied to Enclave Vertibird gunships
  • Enclave APA edited to carry advanced energy weapons
  • Fixed Sherman tank model weights
  • 6 retextured HOI4 models
  • 1 kitbashed model
  • 1 new model

Known issues:
  • 3d previews of aircraft do not always show the appropriate model
  • The gunner atop the Corvega does not have the proper texture applied

Mod Directory:


People are free to use things that I have worked on as they see fit, I only ask that proper credit be given.

The zeppelin assets[sketchfab.com] used in the mod were originally created by Rasmus Eist[sketchfab.com] and are used under the CC Attribution[creativecommons.org] license. These assets were edited for use within HOI4 and to fit into the OWB mod.


Paradox Interactive – Hearts of Iron IV and United and Ready
OWB Mod Team – Old World Blues
ERB Mod Team – Enclave Reborn
Rasmus.Eist – Initial zeppelin assets
Pixel Sagas – Overseer font
Bethesda – Fallout IP
Spart117MC – Texture editing and porting

Required items:

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